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Turn off BusRadio  
BusRadio News

>Show could be over for Bus Radio on Seminole County school buses (Orlando Sentinel, 5/8/08)


>Parents concerned over advertising on BusRadio (News 13, Central Florida, 12/3/07)


>Hey, New Prairie parents: Do you know what your kids are listening to? (Herald-Argus, 11/29/07)


>BusRadio opens to kids' mixed reviews (Orlando Sentinel, 11/23/07)


>Seminole may make U-turn for BusRadio (Orlando Sun-Sentinel, 10/12/07)


>Louisville school board drops proposal for bus radios (Louisville Courier-Journal, 5/22/07)


>How did board allow BusRadio onboard? (Union Tribune, 10/11/07)


>School buses in 11 states tune in to radio programming aimed at kids (USA Today, 9/17/06)


>Listen up: No radio (Boston Globe, 6/10/06)


>Mansfield pulls plug on Bus Radio (Sun Chronicle, 6/5/06)


>The Next Niche: School Bus Ads (Washington Post, 6/4/06)



Sample Letter to Local Newspapers

BusRadio, a new commercial radio network, is hoping to debut on school buses in [insert town here] next fall.  If the company succeeds, K-12 students on their way to and from school will be forced to listen to ads, corporate-sponsored contests, and promotions for BusRadio’s commercial website.  BusRadio boasts that it will take “take targeted student marketing to the next level” and provide companies with a “captive audience” who, unlike listeners to commercial radio, are unable to change the station during ads. 

We should not force our children to listen to ads.  Children are already the targets of too much advertising.  This marketing is a factor in myriad problems facing children today, from childhood obesity to youth violence to precocious and irresponsible sexuality.  I urge the School Committee and school administrators to protect the health and well-being of children by saying no to BusRadio.





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