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Other Important Actions:

(These actions are being run by CCFC's member organizations and other groups that are trying to protect children from harmful marketing.  We urge you to support these crucial campaigns)


11th Annual TV-Turnoff Week:
Millions Will Turn Off TV and Get Up and Go

A single event this year has generated the support of over 50 important national organizations, and garnered praise from the International Reading Association as a chance to “change our routines -- instead of clicking on TV, we can open a magazine, share something interesting we’ve read, join a book club or read to a child.”

The event is TV-Turnoff Week 2005, which marks the 11th Anniversary of the annual TV-Turnoff Week, and will take place April 25-May 1. It’s the only national celebration of the low-TV lifestyle.


To learn more about turning off the "ultimate marketing machine" and how to organize a TV-Turnoff Week event in your community, please visit


US Weekly Owes Us an Apology (Dads and Daughters)

It would be ironic if it wasn’t so sad and dangerous—during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, US Weekly published a cover story featuring “hot” celebrities who weigh less than 100 pounds. It is unhealthy for most adult women to weigh that little, and irresponsible to promote such messages given the incidence of eating disorders and body image problems our daughters already face.

Tell US Weekly to apologize, make amends by donating to eating disorders prevention, and act more responsibly in the future.


Call To Action: Teachers! Students! Public Health Advocates! ACME launches “SMOKING OUT BIG TOBACCO,” PHASE 2 Global Grassroots Media Education/Youth Production Campaign: 2004-2006 (Action Coalition for Media Education).  ACME has launched Phase 2 of a global educational effort, enlisting students, teachers, and public health advocates in a campaign to highlight the tobacco industry’s marketing of addictive products to the world’s young people.  For more information, please visit www.acmecoalition.org

Tell theater chain CEOs: stop the pre-movie ads (Commercial Alert) Are you tired of being held hostage at the movie theater? Are you fed up with paying too much for a movie ticket, and then being forced to watch pre-movie commercials?  Then send an email directly to the CEOs of the five largest movie theater chains, telling them to stop running pre-movie ads.


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