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CCFC Members Tell the FTC to Act!  


Right now the MPAA is having its cake (appearing to comply with a rating system that shields young children from violent movies) and eating it too (aggressively marketing those movies to all children). This must stop.

~Victoria Mills, Cambridge, MA

As a parent I depend on the guidelines to help me determine what is and is not appropriate for my young daughter - movies should not be marketed to audiences which are not old enough to see them and neither should the movie merchandise. It's time to stop using our children's innocence to further someone's pocket book.

~Alisha Christiansen, Redmond, OR

...don't sell adult ideas to children, and don't disguise violence as play.

~Jill Bates, Nashua, NH

...If they [film companies] can't police themselves, the FTC should step in.

~Karen Schoemer, Niverville, NY

I imagine that no one would agree that it is OK for cigarette companies to market to people who are too young to smoke. Or beer companies to market to people who are too young to drink. Why should movie companies be allowed to market to people who are too young to see their movies?

~Jared Gale, Irvine, CA

As a pediatrician who works with many young children with aggressive behaviors, I urge you to take a very close look at this egregious marketing of PG 13 movies to school age and younger youth. The science is very clear on how children's exposure to media violence influences aggressive behavior and attitudes. It is time for the FCC to take a stand on this issue.

~Kathleen Clarke-Pearson MD, Chapel Hill, NC


Give childhood and children the respect they deserve and stop undermining parents' efforts to instill the values WE choose to instill. Stop marketing to our children!!

~Alene LaRosa, Rockland, MA

All of this marketing to young children makes them believe that this stuff is important and necessary for them to have in their lives! Help parents to teach their children values that are important!

~Barbara Pacini, Foxboro, MA















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