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Shape Up, Scholastic!  


What Teachers Are Saying About Scholastic

Our school is taking a stand against mass marketing to children. Scholastic is a Book Club and should not be an advertising base for products marketed to children. We see this as exploitation! Our teachers will not be used as salesmen.

~ Jeanne Voltz-Loomis
Pre-K Teacher
Child Development Ministry
Myrtle Beach, SC

We would also like to see less Barbie/Hannah Montana/Superhero books. Our children are already inundated with these characters through various types of media. There is no need to include them in a book fair. Children should enjoy reading because of the quality of the story and illustrations, not the familiarity of a face from TV.

~ Dominique Comeaux
Infant-Pre-K Teacher
Open Door Preschool
Austin, TX

Scholastic should either stick to the books or get out of schools. How wrong that schools have become a mass market audience to a commercialized company like Scholastic.

~ Sara Poff
Shepherd School
Claremore, OK

I quit doing the class order because I want the children ordering BOOKS!

~ Antonia Witt
Kindergarten Teacher
A.C. Houghton
Irrigon, OR


Our school has consciously chosen not to use Scholastic for our bi-annual bookfairs due to the amount of 'non-literature' items that you offer for sale. Please consider replacing the trendy trinkets and video games with the kind of high quality literature that was originally offered in both your flyers and bookfairs. These non-book items work against our mission to connect children with print, and the mixing of product lines is confusing when marketed under the umbrella of 'book fair."

~Beverly L. Bruce
Grade K-6 Reading Teacher
South Shore Charter Public School
Norwell, MA

Books are the place where we can direct students to form opinions which do not merely mirror those of the many ads they are forced to watch and read. These flyers should be one of the places where we can have our students choose educationally sound books without the base distractions of outside advertisers.  

~Denise Pratesi
Grade 8 Teacher
St. Brigid Regional School
Westbury, NY

As a teacher and parent it is frustrating when kids are only looking at what "toys" are available and whether their favorite actors are included in the flyer instead of looking at what story they want to read next.

~ Janet McClurg
Grade 7-12 Teacher
Houston, OH

This is a really important campaign to support -- do your corporate duty to support children's development not your bottom line.      

~ Peggy Stubbs
Teaching Training
Chatham University
Pittspurgh, PA

Books create memories that will last a lifetime. Do not soil the few moments where kids are in awe of the possibilities of knowledge with shallow shiny lures.

.~Alex Blumin
Grade 6-12 Teacher
Agnon School
Pepper Pike, OH

At our school, we stopped distributing the preschool version of Scholastic Book Club, as well as the early elementary version, because of the reduced quality of the actual items offered. It was hard to give up the free books, but we are not a commercial enterprise. We are trying to educate children! Your book club is supposed to be creating readers, not consumers. Get back to books!

~ Leslie Roffman
Preschool Teacher
The Little School
San Francisco, CA

Each year it seems that there are less good quality books and more non reading material. It breaks my heart to see kids spend their money on non reading material. . .The frilly pencils and pens cause a distraction in the classroom. The teacher once again becomes the "police."

~ Kelly Wright-Glynn
Grade 6 Teacher
John Adams School
Rochester, MN

I am sometimes embarrassed to send home a particular issue with too many trashy choices. I feel this reflects on me as a teacher.

~ Amie Buchman
Kindergarten-1st Grade Teacher
Pierce School
Brookline, MA

Please stop peddling toys to our students - they really can get enough of those in Happy Meals!

~ Tracy Adrian
Grade 6-12 Teacher
St. Cecilia
Hastings, NE

We should be teaching our students to be conscious - not conspicuous - consumers.

~ Angie F.
Grade 7 Teacher
Community Prep. School
Providence, RI







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