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Articles by CCFC Steering Committee members and staff.  A great primer on the commercialization of childhood from leading experts in the field.







Josh Golin, MA




Josh Golin>>


Susan Linn>>

Allen Kanner>>


Tim Kasser>>


Alvin F. Poussaint>>


Diane E. Levin>>


Michele Simon>>



Trashing Wall-E, July 2008


Putting the Book Back in Book Fair, January 2007


Breaking Free from Baby TV, July 2006


Marketing and Kid Power, March 2006



The Commercialization of Narnia, December, 2005


Tickle U is No Laughing Matter, September, 2006


Marketing and Parental Responsibility, July 2005




Susan Linn, EdD


Commercializing Childhood: The Corporate Takeover of Kids' Lives

Multinational Monitor, July/August 2008


Calories for Sale

Susan Linn & Courtney Novosat

Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, January 2008


Baby Einstein and the Bush Administration: There's More than Meets the Eye

Common Dreams January 25, 2007


Selling to Kids:  Everyone's a "Consumer" These Days

Parent and Preschooler Newsletter, April 2006


Beyond Commercials: How Food Marketers Target Children

Susan Linn, EdD and Josh Golin, MA

Loyola Law Review, Fall 2005


Conference on Spiritual Activism

Tikkun, November/December 2005


Sages for Sale

Tikkun, July/August 2005





Food Marketing to Children in the Context of a Marketing Maelstrom

Journal of Public Health Policy, 2004


Stop Marketing "Yummy Food" To Children
By Susan Linn, EdD and Diane E. Levin, PhD

Christian Science Monitor, June 22, 2002 


The American Prospect, October 23, 2000


J.K. Rowling and the Golden Calf
Boston Sunday Globe, July 9, 2000


How about The Sopranos sell... soda?
Boston Sunday Globe, May 21, 2000


Electronic marketing: `Here, kiddie, kiddie!'
Boston Sunday Globe, January 16, 2000


The Trouble With Teletubbies: The Commercialization of PBS
By Susan Linn, EdD and Alvin F. Poussaint, MD
The American Prospect, May/June 1999






Allen Kanner, PhD






No TV for US

Today's Parent, September, 2008


Transforming the U.S. Media

Tikkun, July/August 2008


Corporate Free Speech: A Progressive Trap

Tikkum, March 2008


Today's Class Brought to You By...

Tikkun, January 2008


The Corporatized Child

Psychology-Ecology-Sustainability Conference, June 2007


Corporate free speech protects violent video games

The National Psychologist May/June 2006



The Corporatized Child

The California Psychologist


Globalization and the Commercialization of Childhood

Tikkun September/October 2005


Does Coke Money Corrupt Kids’ Dentistry?

Allen Kanner, PhD and Josh Golin, MA

Mothering Magazine, March/April, 2005


Stuffing Our Kids: Should Psychologists Help Advertisers Manipulate Children?

Allen D. Kanner, Ph.D., and Tim Kasser, Ph.D.






Tim Kasser, PhD






Public Attitudes Towards the Youth Marketing Industry and its Impact on Children

By Tim Kasser, PhD and Susan Linn, EdD

May 2004








Alvin F. Poussaint, MD






Zero to Three and Sesame Beginnings: The Consequences of Selling Out Babies

Alvin F. Poussaint,  Susan Linn, and Josh Golin

CommonDreams, April 19, 2006


Surviving Television Advertising
By Alvin F. Poussaint, MD and Susan Linn, EdD




Outsmarting Sneaky Advertising






Diane Levin, PhD






Buy, Buy Childhood: Helping Children Resist the Lure of Today’s Media and Commercial Culture

Early Childhood: The Newsletter of the Winnetka Alliance for Early Childhood. Spring/Summer 2008


Beyond Banning War and Superhero Play: Meeting Children’s Needs in Violent Times

Young Children, May 2003


The Increasing Role of Electronic Toys in the Lives of Infants & Toddlers: Should We Be Concerned?

Diane Levin and Barbara Rosenquest

Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, Spring 2001



From "I Want It" to "I Can Do It": Promoting Healthy Development in the Consumer Culture

Child Care Information Exchange, September/October 2004


Marketing Violence: The Special Toll on Young Children of Color

Journal of Negro Education, February 2004


Problem Solving Deficit Disorder

From: Where Do The Children Play?  A STudy Guide to the Film.  2008





Michele Simon, JD, MPH








FTC Hands Kids Over to Junk Food Marketers, Defying Global Principles

Daily Kos, August 19, 2008


It's Official: Big Food Targets Kids

Daily Kos, Aug 7, 2008


Alcohol, Energy Drinks, and Youth: A Dangerous Mix

Marin Institute Report, August 2007


State School Vending Laws: The Need for a Public Health Approach (with Ellen Fried)

Food and Drug Law Journal,  2007


Disney's PR Strategy: Keep the Little Consumers Coming,

Alternet, October 19, 2006






Suing the Pants Off SpongeBob

Alternet, February 1, 2006


Big Soda’s Publicity Stunt

 Alternet, August 29, 2005


Government Abandons Children to Big Food Alternet, July 22, 2005


Thirst For Profit

Mothering, March/April 2005


Junk Food's Health Crusade

Multinational Monitor, March/April 2005






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