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SCEC member Benjamin Eliasoph and his family have instituted a "TV Contract" in which they pledge not to watch any TV one night a week.  They hope that other families will adopt the contract for their own families.


We, the undersigned, make this following promise to
each other and to ourselves:

On every Thursday, without exception, we promise not
to watch any television at all, including VHS, DVD, PVR,
TiVo, etc. This day will instead be reserved for more
meaningful activities, such as reading, sports, games,
drawing, painting, writing, and so on.

We also promise not to replace the television with
the Internet, AIM, IM, or other Internet application, nor
any video game, movie theater trip, or other electronic

Some possible exceptions to this promise:
* The television may be turned on for a brief moment in
order to record a show, but this is not at all encouraged
* The television may be viewed in case of urgency or
emergency (severe weather, school closings) or major
and significant live news event
* The television may be viewed if one of us, or
someone we know personally, is on a show or a

Whoever signs this agrees to keep this night free
from the domination and rule of television, and agrees
to act in good faith and cooperation with the spirit of this
agreement, pledging to help enforce it if other
signatories need help in complying.

This agreement will remain in full force and effect
until at least June 18th, 2004, when it may be modified
at that point for the summer months only.

I want freedom from the control of others, especially
from those who use television as a means to try and
sell me their products. I want freedom from the bath of
video rays that sedate me and w-a-s-t-e my time, my
mind, and my body. Thus, I gladly and happily take
back my freedom by pledging, promising,
guaranteeing, and giving my word, that I will follow the
spirit and letter of this agreement with everyone else
who has signed below, and together we will grow as
individuals and as a family, away from the numbing grip
of mass-entertainment.







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