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  Many of the speakers at CCFC's 2006 Summit:  Consuming Kids:  Marketing in Schools and Beyond generously provided summaries of their presentations or relevant articles to summit attendees.  These materials are linked below.

Brita Butler Wall, Risks of Commercializing Education: Why We Need Commercial-Free Schools

Nancy Carlsson-Paige and Diane Levin, Changing Childhood, Changed Children, Changed Schools: How Commercialism Impacts Children in School

Richard Daynard, Obesity Litigation:  Who's to Blame

Walter Eddie, The Impact of Commercialism on BCNY Members

David Elkind, The Child Consumer

Josh Golin, Marketers and Kid Power

Allen Kanner, The Corporatized Child

Jean Kilbourne, “We Know What Matters to You”

Joe Kelly, Media and Fathers:  Taking Action

Susan Linn, No TV is Good For Babies

Alex Molnar, Tracking Commercializing Activities in America’s Schools

Michael Rich (and others) American Academy of Pediatrics Statement on Media Violence

Michele Simon, Disney's PR Strategy Unhealthy for 'Little Consumers'









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