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2008 CCFC Summit Schedule

April 3-5, 2008

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Thursday Evening ~ April 3

Judge Baker Children's Center

53 Parker Hill Avenue, Boston


7:30-9:00          Opening Reception and Presentation of the 3rd Fred Rogers Integrity Award to Morgan Spurlock, director, Supersize Me.

                        Location: Macomber Gymnasium


Friday ~ April 4

Wheelock Brookline Campus

43 Hawes Street, Brookline


8:30-9:00           Registration ~ Ground Lobby

Continental Breakfast ~ Upper Rotunda


9:00-9:05           Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood Media Education Foundation ~ Ladd / Room 104


9:05-9:10           Welcoming Remarks Alvin F. Poussaint ~ Ladd / Room 104


9:10-9:25           Reflections Susan Linn ~ Ladd / Room 104


9:30-10:30         Plenary Session 1 ~ Ladd / Room 104

So Sexy So Soon: The New Sexualized Childhood

Diane Levin, Jean Kilbourne


10:30-10:45       Coffee and beverages available on the way to workshops ~ Upper Rotunda


10:45-12:00       Breakout Session A (full descriptions available in Summit folder)


The Case for Make-Believe: Saving Play in a Commercialized World

Susan Linn, Director, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

Joan Almon, Alliance for Childhood

~Room 201


Media Literacy for the New World Order and Adolescent Girls Learn About the Importance of Being “Hot:” The Role of Dress, Media and Peers

Susan Owusu, YWCA Boston

Jessica Greenstone, Tufts University

~Room 104


Private Enterprise in Public Schools: Communicating School Commercialization

Gary Brunk, Kansas Action for Children

Lynn Davey, Frameworks Institute

~Room 107


The Well-Being of Children Deserves the Best Science Available

Brandy King, Center on Media and Child Health

~Room 119


Using the Power of Media for Positive Change

Amy Jussel, Shaping Youth

Alice Aspen March, The Attention Factor

~Room 002


12:00-1:00         Buffet Lunch ~ Upper Rotunda


Informal networking groups including:


  • Commercialization of Children: The Role of Belief Communities with Mary L Rothschild, Director of Healthy Media Choices Quaker and Rabbi Anne Ebersman of Abraham Heschel School

~ Room 119


  • Blogging for Change with Lisa "the Corporate Babysitter" Ray and others

~ Room 106


1:05-1:30           Plenary Session 2 – Ladd / Room 104

Buy, Buy Baby: How the Marketing Industry Brands Infants and Toddlers

Susan Gregory Thomas, author Buy, Buy, Baby


1:35-2:25           Plenary Session 3 – Ladd / Room 104

Branding Children's Play: Mapping the Commercial Convergence of Media, Toys and Gaming in Virtual Worlds for Kids

Sara Grimes, Simon Fraser University


Video Games: Playing with Sex and Death

Michael Brody, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


2:25-2:45          Coffee and beverage break - Upper Rotunda


2:45-4:00          Breakout Session B (full descriptions available in Summit folder)


Towards Greater Health, Wealth and Wisdom: How to Have Fun, Kick (Corporate) Butts and Take Names with 21st Century ACME-Style Media Education

Rob Williams, Action Coalition for Media Educators

~Room 002


Who Stole the Sexual Revolution? Kids, Marketing and the Politics of Sex

Carl Bybee and Debra Merskin, University of Oregon

~Room 104


How to Teach Youth about their Consumer Culture

Tim Kasser, Knox College, author, the High Price of Materialism

Velma LaPoint, Howard University

Garland Waller, Boston University

Tim Rairdon, Knox College

~Room 201


The Wondershop: Nurturing Creative Thinkers in a Commercial World

Ginger Carlson, author, Child of Wonder

~Room 208


“Come In and Play!”: How Social Networks Exploit Young Children

Richard Freed, child/adolescent psychologist, private practice

~Room 107


Airwaves & Activism

Lynn Ziegler, author, Spongeheadz: U & Media

~Room 105


4:05-4:10           Welcome from Wheelock President Jackie Jenkins-Scott ~ Ladd / Room 104


4:10-4:35           Plenary Session 4 ~ Ladd / Room 104

Hyper-Consumerism and Ecological Crisis     

Juliet Schor, author, Born to Buy


4:35-5:00           Plenary Session 5 ~ Ladd/Room 104

                         Come on People: African Americans and Toxic Marketing

                         Alvin F. Poussaint


5:00-7:15           Dinner Break (on your own); list of area restaurants in Summit folder


7:30                  Only Children: A Concert Reading and Roundtable: Sex Sells. Who's Buying?

~ Ladd / Room 104

See excerpts from this new musical, in which three seventh graders struggle to come of age in a contemporary American suburb where sex and commerce collide.


The performance will be followed by an interactive roundtable discussion involving the playwrights, CCFC's Enola Aird and Diane Levin, Sophie Godley of Aids Action Committee and other experts.  A reception hosted by Wheelock College will follow.

9:00                   Reception ~ Upper Rotunda



Saturday ~ April 5

Wheelock Brookline Campus

43 Hawes Street, Brookline


8:30-9:00           Registration ~ Ground Lobby

Continental Breakfast ~ Upper Rotunda


9:00-9:10           Welcoming Remarks Susan and Audrey Duck ~ Ladd / Room 104


9:15-10:05         Plenary Session 6 ~ Ladd / Room 104

So You Thought Child Pornography was Illegal: How the Porn Industry Sexualizes Children and Encourages Child Sexual Abuse.

Gail Dines, co-author, Pornography: The Production and Consumption of Inequality


The Impact of Pseudo-Sexualization on Boys, and Why Men Need to Challenge It

Joe Kelly, author, Dads and Daughters


10:10-11:00       Plenary Session 7 ~ Ladd / Room 104

The Failure of Self-regulation, from Big Alcohol to Big Food

Michele Simon, The Marin Institute; author, Appetite for Profit


Transforming the U.S. Media: Commercial-Free at Last

                         Allen Kanner, co-editor, Psychology and Consumer Culture


11:00-11:20       Coffee and Beverage Break ~ Upper Rotunda


11:20-12:35       Breakout Session C (full descriptions available in Summit folder)


Media Violence as a Form of Child Abuse: How Schools Can Protect Children Against it With Success

Jacques Brodeur EDUPAX

~Room 107


The Impact of Sexualization on Classroom Culture, Teaching and Learning...and What to Do about It

Diane Levin, coauthor, So Sexy So Soon

~Room 201


Children, Digital Environments, and the Law: Moving Forward to Protect Public Health

Jason Smith & Robert J. L. Moore, Public Health Advocacy Institute

~Room 208


Capitalism on the Couch: A Psychological Analysis of Economic Systems and Their Impact on Children

Allen Kanner, co-editor, Psychology and Consumer Culture

Tim Kasser, author, the High Price of Materialism

~Room 118


The Importance of Educating Parents on Kids’ 24/7 Media Lives

Laura Martinez, Common Sense Media

~Room 002


12:40-1:45         Buffet Lunch ~ Upper Rotunda


Informal networking groups including


  • Media Literacy Educators  ~ Room 018, Café


  • Conference Attendees Working on Issues Related to the Sexualization of Children

~ Room 119


  • Corporate America and Youth Marketing:  Encouraging Change through Socially Responsible Investing and Other Strategies with Reed Montague, Calvert Group and Josh Golin, CCFC

~ Room 106


1:50-2:40          Plenary Session 8 ~ Ladd / Room 104

Capitalism, Commercialism, and Children's well-being:  Empirical Analyses Across Wealthy Nations

Tim Kasser, author, the High Price of Materialism


Corporate Sleaze and Community Complacency - Waking up Australia!

Julie Gale, Kids Free 2 B Kids(Australia)


2:45-3:35           Plenary Session 9 ~ Ladd / Room 104

Consumer Culture and the Obstacles Parents Face

Nancy Carlsson-Paige, author, Taking Back Childhood


Lifting Our Sights and Our Spirits: Confronting the Commodification of Children

Enola Aird, Activist Mother


3:40-3:55           Reclaiming Childhood from Corporate Marketers  Josh Golin – Ladd / Room 104


4:-00-5:00          Book signing and reception ~ Ground Lobby




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