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CCFC’s 6th Summit


Consuming Kids



The Sexualization of Children and Other Commercial Calamities


April 3-5, 2008 ~ Wheelock College ~ Boston, MA 




Since 2001 we have been bringing together distinguished scholars, activists, parents, and educators to talk about how marketing undermines children’s health and well-being and what we can do about it. The 2008 summit featured a special focus on how marketing contributes to the sexualization of children and youth.


On Thursday, April 3, at 7:30pm, the summit kicked off with the presentation of the 3rd annual Fred Rogers Integrity Award to Morgan Spurlock, director and star of the acclaimed film, SuperSize Me.  Friday and Saturday featured presentations and workshops on the impact of commercialization on children – and what we can do to stop it!


CCFC 2008 Summit Presentations Now on YouTube
Selected presentations from CCFC's 2008 Consuming Kids Summit are now available for viewing on YouTube at the following address:



>Morgan spurlock


>Summit Schedule


>Workshop details








Morgan Spurlock, Director: Supersize Me


Enola Aird, Activist Mother


Joan Almon, Alliance for Childhood


Jacques Brodeur, EDUPAX


Michael Brody, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Gary Brunk, Kansas Action for Children


Carl Bybee, University of Oregon


Ginger Carlson, author, Child of Wonder


Nancy Carlsson-Paige, author, Taking Back Childhood


Lynn Davey, Frameworks Institute


Gail Dines, co-author, Pornography: The Production and Consumption of Inequality


Richard Freed, child/adolescent psychologist, private practice


Julie Gale, Kids Free 2 B Kids(Australia)


Josh Golin, Associate Director CCFC


Susan Gregory Thomas, author Buy, Buy, Baby


Jessica Greenstone, Tufts University


Sara Grimes, Simon Fraser University


Amy Jussel, Shaping Youth


Allen Kanner, co-editor, Psychology and Consumer Culture


Tim Kasser, author, the High Price of Materialism


Joe Kelly, author, Dads and Daughters


Jean Kilbourne, coauthor, So Sexy So Soon


Brandy King,  Center on Media and Child Health


Velma LaPoint, Howard University


Diane Levin, coauthor, So Sexy So Soon


Susan Linn, author Consuming Kids


Laura Martinez, Common Sense Media


Debra Merskin, University of Oregon


Robert J. L. Moore, Public Health Advocacy Institute


Susan Owusu, YWCA Boston


Alvin F Poussaint, co-author Come On, People


Tim Rairdon, Knox College


Juliet Schor, author, Born to Buy


Michele Simon, the Marin Institute; author, Appetite for Profit


Jason Smith, Public Health Advocacy Institute


Ana Lúcia Villela, Instituto Alana (Brazil)


Nat Ward, Photographer


Garland Waller, Boston University


Rob Williams, Action Coaltion for Media


Lynn Ziegler, author, Spongeheadz: U & Media




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