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CCFC Honors Morgan Spurlock with Fred Rogers Integrity Award



CCFC’s sixth annual Consuming Kids summit got off to a roaring start with the presentation of the Fred Rogers Integrity Award to Morgan Spurlock at a reception at Judge Baker Children’s Center.  The award, named in honor of the host of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, is given by CCFC to a public figure whose efforts to protect children from harmful marketing best embody Fred Rogers' long-standing commitment to nurturing the health and well-being of America's children. Spurlock was honored for his Academy Award nominated film Super Size Me, which educated millions of Americans about fast food marketing and the obesity epidemic, and his continued efforts to raise awareness about the harmful effects of commercialism on children.

Spurlock was visibly moved when he received the award – a replica of the famous trolley from Mister Rogers Neighborhood (although he joked that he hoped for a blue cardigan).  He recounted his own childhood memories of Mr. Rogers before entertaining the audience for more than an hour with clips from his films and stories about McDonald’s, commercialism, activism and his own unexpected success. 

Highlights included Spurlock’s rendition – complete with dance moves – of the fast food song sung by children at summer camps, his accounts of  the infamous McLibel case in Britain and Jose Bové’s bulldozing of a McDonald’s in France, and his acknowledgement of the vegans in attendance,  “Broccoli posse, represent!”  The audience also roared its approval when Spurlock compared Ronald McDonald to a drug pusher:   “Did you ever notice the clown never eats the food? That’s the dealer’s number one rule:  don’t get high on your own supply.”   

“Morgan set the perfect tone for the summit,” said CCFC’s director Dr. Susan Linn. “By demonstrating that activism can be both fun and funny, he demonstrated all of the qualities that have drawn so many young people into the movement to protect children from commercial exploitation.”

Spurlock summed up his feelings about the night:  “It is such an honor to receive an award like this from a group that has done so much to fight against the targeting of children by marketers and corporations. And it’s even cooler to get an award named after Mr. Rogers.”

CCFC is privileged to have permission from Joanne Rogers and Family Communications, Inc. to give the Fred Rogers Integrity Award.  The award was given to Senator Tom Harkin in 2005 and Raffi Cavoukian, the beloved children's troubadour, in 2006.



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