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  Advertising Regulation



FCC Fines Two TV stations for Violations of Children's-TV Ad Limits (Broadcasting and Cable, 9/29/07)

Congressmen Tackle Product Placement (TV Week, 9/27/07)

Junk Food Report Due in Congress (Broadcast and Cable, 9/17/07)

FTC Issues Subpoenas to Food Marketers (Adweek, 8/10/07)

Australian Labor Party Battles the Ogre of Pester Power (Sydney Morning Herald, 7/31/07)

Big Food Cuts $1B in Kid Ads; Pols' Hunger Still Not Sated (Adage, 7/23/07)

Limiting Ads of Junk Food to Children (New York Times, 7/18/07)


Markey Says Marketers Won't Follow Kellogg's Lead (Broadcasting & Cable, 7/11/07)


Violent shows aim toys at little kids (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 7/10/07)

Food Marketers Seem Set to Unveil Kids-Advertising Guidelines (AdAge.com, 7/6/07)

Kids Ad Summit Sets Stage For New Regulatory Agenda (Media Post, 6/25/07)

Crackdown on children's ads (Australia) (Sydney Morning Herald, 6/10/07)

Congress Will Join Federal Agencies In Seeking Action On Food Marketing To Kids (Broadcast and Cable, 5/22/07)

FTC Urged To Probe Digital Food Marketing To Kids (Media Post, 5/17/07)

Harkin critical of Shrek for promoting junk food (Radio Iowa, 5/17/07)

Martin: FCC May Need To Regulate Food Ads (Broadcast and Cable, 5/14/07)

Obesity Fear Frenzy Grips Food Industry (Adage, 4/23/07)

FTC Readies Subpoenas for Food Marketers (Brandweek, 4/20/07)

Markey Wants to Put Kids TV On Ad Diet (Broadcast and Cable, 4/17/07)

FTC Takes Issue with Food Marketing to Kids (AdAge.com 4/17/07)

FTC Scolds Marketers About Violent Content (AdWeek, 4/12/07)

Junk food ad ban comes into force in UK (Food Navigator, 04/02/07)

Kids' TV faces new Net restrictions (CNet News.com, 1/24/07)

Kids' Advertisers Bolster Defenses at ANA Conference (AdAge.com, 1/18/07)


Pediatricians Blast Inappropriate Ads (AP, 12/4/06)

EU nations agree to keep TV advertising at current levels, impose limits on product placement (AP, 11/13/06)

Call for children's food ad curbs  (BBC, 11/03/06)

Review Of Kids Ad Rules Getting Messy (Brandweek, 10/16/06)

Industry: Updated Children's Ad Guidelines Needed Now (Media Post, 9/26/06)

Exploitative Internet marketing fuels child obesity (Reuters, 9/5/06)

Brownback Doesn't Back Kids Marketing Mandates (Broadcasting & Cable, 7/21/06)

Junk-food Pushers on Defensive as Kidsí Advocates Push Back (New Standard, 5/8/06)

Fed Obesity Report Seen as Boon To Self-Regulation (Brand Week, 5/8/06)

Industry lobbying 'derailed junk food ban' (The Guardian, 4/22/06)

Ofcom proposes ban on kids' junk food ads (The Guardian, 3/28/06)



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