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  Alcohol Marketing


Miller, Anheuser-Busch may be illegally targeting teens with energy drinks (Fox News, 11/20/07)


Energy Booze Ad Attack Hits Marketers in Wallet (AdAge, 8/27/07)


Attorneys general sign petition against 'alcopops' (Small Business Times, 8/21/07)

Alcohol, Energy Drinks, and Youth: A Dangerous Mix (Marin Institute, 8/2/07)

Teens don't catch warnings in alcohol ads (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/3/07)

T pressed to ban ads for alcohol (Boston Globe, 5/17/07)

Beam Global Strengthens Voluntary Rules On Marketing Alcohol  (Media Post, 5/08/07)

Alcohol advertising feeds kids a big lie (Sacremento Bee, 5/3/07)

A booze buzz for teenyboppers? (MSNBC, 3/30/07)

Fury over Disney 'children's champagne' (The Scotsman, 3/25/07)

Attorneys General of 21 States Lash Out at Bud.tv Age Checks (AdAge.com, 2/20/07)


Movie Trailers Expose Youth to Tobacco Abuse (Forbes.com, 9/4/06)

Alcopops - Cute, Boozy and Pitched to Teenage Girls (4/25/06)

New study finds alcohol ads contribute to underage drinking (Reuters, 1/3/06)

Alcohol Product Commercials Overwhelm 'Responsibility' Messages (Center on Alcohol Marketing to Youth, 7/20/05)

Consumer Group Calls for Greater Alcohol Ad Restrictions (Ad Age, 7/6/06)




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