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  Babies and Toddlers



Rush, little baby (Boston Globe, 10/28/07)


Wishful thinking: DVDs bring out baby geniuses (Washington Post, 10/9/07)

Bratz:Super Babyz coming to DVD (The Trades, 10/7/07)


Disney recall includes 35,000 Baby Einstein blocks (News Inferno, 10/4/07)

Parents tricked by Baby Einstein (Brisbane Times, 8/6/07)

Robbing the Cradle? If Marketers Get Their Way, That Bundle of Joy Can Cost a Bundle (Knowledge@Wharton, 7/25/07)

Study by Wake Forest professor says toddlers learn little from TV (Winston-Salem Journal, 7/3/07)

Q+A: Is Elmo Evil? Book Says Babies Are Brainwashed (Brandweek, 6/11/07)

The Hard Sell: Marketing to Kids (CBS News, 5/14/07)

TV may harm toddlers' brain development (Canadian Press, 5/08/07)

More toddlers have own TVs, study finds 20% of children under age 3 have a set in bedroom (Chicago Tribune, 5/7/07)

Growth spurt seen in TV fare for babies (San Antonio Express-News, 4/17/07)

Report puts a pacifier on 'smarter baby' debate (4/03/07)

BabyFirstTV growing up fast (Hollywood Reporter, 3/26/07)

Diaper Demographic:  TV, Video Programming for the Under-2 Market Grows Despite Lack of Clear Educational Benefit (Washington Post, 2/24/07)

Are Canadian babies ready for their own TV channel? (CBC, 1/30/07)

CCFC to President Bush:  Luring Babies to Screens is Not Heroic

Watching television won't turn babies into Einsteins (Concord Monitor, 1/25/07)


TV channel for babies? Pediatricians say turn it off (SF Chronicle, 9/11/06)

Though firm sees a winner in 'Baby Badger' DVD, critics throw a flag (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/11/06)

How to get to Stereotype Street (Boston Globe, 8/10/06)

For Toddlers, a World Laden with Advertising (NPR.org, 7/31/06)

Imprinting Infants (Hartford Courant, 7/24/06)

Baby TV Comes to Canada (Global National, 7/11/06)

Making sports fans of the diaper set (LA Times, 6/26/06)

EXTREME PARENTING : Does the Baby Genius Edutainment Complex enrich your child's mind — or stifle it? (Atlantic Monthly, July/August 2006)

Kaiser Tallies Kids' TV Hours (5/24/06)

Round-The-Clock TV Channel For Babies Debuts (Associated Press, 5/12/06)

Group Sues Video Firms On Tot-Learning Claims (Washington Post, 5/2/06)

Baby videos deceptive, advocacy group argues (Boston Globe, 5/2/06)

Elmo loves you...and your wallet (Scripps News Service, 4/5/06)

Stage Prop for the Today Show or What’s Become of Relevant Information Dissemination for Parent (Gloria DeGaetano, 4/3/06)

DVD series for babies, parents fuels TV debate (Boston Globe, 3/22/06)

Experts Rip 'Sesame' TV Aimed at Tiniest Tots (Washington Post, 3/21/06)

Billion-Dollar Babies (Broadcasting and Cable, 2/13/06)

Baby Einsteins or baby couch potatoes? (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/2/06)

At Least One Bratz Babyz Has Abandoned Her Thong (Hartford Courant, 1/04/06)




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