Disney Expands Electronics With Themes Taken From Movies

by Karl Greenberg

Media Post,

Apr 12, 2007

DISNEY'S CONSUMER PRODUCTS DIVISION IS expanding its lineup of portable digital products with a mobile, dual-screen DVD player and launching versions of its mobile digital products and other appliances in design themes borrowed from Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Disney Princess" and "Cars" properties.

The company currently sells a line of "Mix Max" video MP3 players, Disney Mix Stick MP3 players and Disney Pix cameras that have been refreshed with new "Hannah Montana" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" designs.

The Disney Dual-Screen Mobile DVD System, which shows the same images on two seven-inch LCD screens, comes with different face plates from "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Tinker Bell"; the screens strap to the back of a headrest. The $180 product, going to stores like Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart and at DisneyShopping.com in May, comes packaged with content from Disney's "Hannah Montana" and "The Cheetah Girls," "High School Musical," Jump In" and "Cory In The House."

Disney is also rolling out lines of electronics for kids' rooms with themes from "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Disney Princess" and "Cars." They include TVs and DVD players ranging from $25 to $200. The appliances include a skulls-and-crossbones-topped TV; a DVD player resembling a captain's wheel on a pirate's ship; and a boom box shaped like Davy Jones' treasure chest, with similarly accessorized electronics reflecting "Disney Princess" and "Cars" themes.