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  June 2004

Current News - June 2004

Disney May Introduce  Cell Phone Service (6/28/04)

Monthly charges for teens’ cell - phone usage add up (Canton Repository, 6/27/04)

Free smokes to children spark suit  (AP, 6/27/04)

Pitching It To Kids (Time, 6/21/04)

McDonald's Launches "Healthy Eating" Children's Ads in Britain. (Manchester News, 6/21/04)

Brand-Name Field Trips (Time 6/21/04)

Backlash is growing against advertising aimed at children (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

FTC could restrict food ads (Broadcasting & Cable, 6/18/04)

Judge Halts Hip-Hop Kool Ads (Bloomberg, 6/18/04)

Ad Industry Responds to Critics (Broadcasting & Cable, 6/15/04)

Teenagers' purchasing habits focus of 'Millennials' conference (6/15/04)

Moviegoers to see more ads on big screen (LA Times, 6/14/04)

Marketers: Kids Run the Show (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 6/14/04)

Comcast plans to create 24-hour network - for toddlers (Wall Street Journal, 6/9/04)

Nike to Start Blog Advertising (New York Times, 6/8/04)

Bush Supersizes Effort to Weaken WHO (Alternet, 6/8/04)

Group Calls on FTC to Investigate Interactive Marketing to Children (Center for Digital Democracy, 6/8/04)

Pass Lets Kids into R-Rated Films (AP, 6/7/04)

Deleterious DTV? (Broadcasting and Cable, 6/7/04)

Gaming Board Backs Garfield Slots (Las Vegas Review Journal, 6/4/04)

Ad Industry Tries to Ward Off Obesity Outcry (Reuters, 6/4/04)

FTC Chairman Pans Food Ad Ban (Broadcasting and Cable, 6/4/04)

TV, Games Blamed for Obesity (Broadcasting and Cable, 6/3/04)

British Sports Bodies Urged to Shun Fast-Food Sponsors (The Guardian, 6/3/04)

Food Ads Face Ban on Aussie Children's TV (The Australian 6/3/04)

Children's Groups to FCC: Enact DTV Rules to Protect Kids (eschoolnews, 6/2/04)

Public Sees Obesity as Serious Health Threat (Newswise 6/2/04)

Spending On Toys Knows Few Limits (Business Wire, 6/2/04)

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