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  Marketing to Children (General)


Materialism in Children and Adolescents Linked to Self-Esteem (University of Minnesota Press Release, 11/26/07)

Children Especially Vulnerable to Increasingly Intrusive Advertising (Newswise, 10/30/07)

Bad products to be named and shamed (Sydney Morning Herald, 10/29/07)

Babes in BrandLand (Brandweek 10/17/07)

This is your brain on advertising (Business Week, 10/8/07)

Australian Labor Party Battles the Ogre of Pester Power (Sydney Morning Herald, 7/31/07)

Say Buy-Buy: Psychology professor says subtle marketers are selling kids, and their parents, a lot of junk (Winston-Salem Journal, 5/31/07)

How Many Brands Do Young Children Recognize? (wcco.com, 5/14/07)


Buybabies: marketing to kids (The Economist, 12/9/06)

Pediatricians Blast Inappropriate Ads (AP, 12/4/06)

Six Strategies Marketers Use to Get  Kids to Want Stuff Bad (USA Today, 11/22/06)

Junk culture 'is poisoning our children' (The Guardian, 9/12/06)

What can parents do? (Los Angeles Daily News, 8/24/06)

The "Other" Child Predators: Advertisers (ConsumerAffairs.com, 7/9/06)

Turning Kids' Minds Off Consumerism (Op-Ed News, 2/26/06)

Parents, teachers deal with trend of aggressive marketing to kids (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 2/19/06)

Conspicuous Little Consumers (Alternet, 2/13/06)



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