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  May 2004

Current News - May 2004

At (Your Name Here) Arena, Money Talks (New York Times, 5/31/04)

Is Cross-Marketing Ethical? (Chicago Tribune, 5/30/04)

Food Firms Recruiting Doctors as Pitchmen (Wall Street Journal, 5/30/04)

"I'm Fed Up with Smug Parents of Thin Children" (The Daily Telegraph, 5/30/04)

MTV Changes Course - Will Air 'Supersize Me' Ads (LA Times, 5/28/04)

MTV Refuses Ads for 'Supersize Me' (CNN, 5/27/04)

How Food Firms Target Children (The Guardian, 5/27/04)

Call for a EU Wide Junk Food Ad Ban (The Guardian, 5/27/04)

Instead of Zoo, It's Off to Petco for Field Trips (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/24/04)

Global Obesity Strategy Adopted (AP, 5/24/04)

MasterCard Employees Teach Personal Finance in Schools (AP, 5/23/04)

Disney Markets to Kids in Hospitals (Mickey News, 5/22/04)

Tobacco Makers Target Fraternities  (Fresno Bee, 5/22/04)

Nicole Miller Launches Sesame Street Line (New York Post, 5/21/04)

Pringles Chips to Feature Printed Trivia Questions - Ads Next? (AP, 5/21/04)

FCC to Investigate TV Violence (Broadcasting & Cable, 5/20/04)

Child Activist Charren Blasts FCC (Broadcasting & Cable, 5/19/04)

Australasian Physicians: Children Harmed by Advertising (CNBC, 5/19/04)

British Campaigners Seek Junk Food Ad Ban (Food Networker, 5/19/04)

Movie Marketing Push Puzzles Parents (Appleton Post Crescent, 5/18/04)

New Book: How to Loosen Marketer's Grip on Your Children (Omaha World Herald, 5/17/04)

Book Review:  Consuming Kids: The Hostile Takeover of Childhood (The Journal News, 5/16/05)

Advertisers Woo Child Consumers (CBS Marketwatch, 5/16/04)

Kid Power Announces Youth Marketing Awards (PR Newswire, 5/14/04)

Clinician's Digest: Limiting Ads to Children (Psychotherapy Networker, May 2004)

McDonald's 'I'm Lovin' It" Campaign is Everywhere (New York Times, 5/13/04)

Global Report: 1 in 10 Schoolchildren is Too Fat (AP, 5/13/04)

Lets Pull Ads Targeting Children (New York Daily News, 5/11/04)

States Sue over Kool Cigarette Marketing (boston.com, 5/11/04)

Dot-Kids Websites Slow to Catch On (e-school news, 5/11/04)

Programs and Marketing Increasingly Blurred on Cable (Broadcasting and Cable, 5/10/04)

Boys Spend More Time Playing Video Games than with Traditional Toys (BusinessWire, 5/11/04)

Advertisers Keen on Playing Games (Yahoo News, 5/09/04)

Marketing Reese's Puffs Cereal (The New York Times, 5/09/04)

Bush Administration Targets WHO Obesity Report (Pacific News Service, 5/07/04)

Major League Baseball Scraps Plan for Spiderman Bases (ESPN.com, 5/05/04)

Soda Consumption Linked to High Blood Pressure for Black Teens (Reuters, 5/04/04)

Online Junk-Food Games Target Kids (Wall Street Journal, 5/3/04)

Tobacco Campaign Targets Black Youth (Final Call News, 5/2/04)

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