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  Obesity/Food Marketing

October 2007

Consumer groups bite back on a global scale (ABC News, 11/1/07)

TV-hypertension link could fan kid food ad debate (Food Navigator, 10/31/07)

CCFC to McDonald’s:  Stop Selling Sex with a Side of Fries (or Apple Dippers) (CCFC Press Release, 10/16/07)

Nestle, Dannon non-committal could lead to regulations (Food Navigator, 10/12/07)

ConAGra To limit food ads to kids (Broadcasting & Cable, 10/4/07)

Market shift could benefit kids' licensed foods, report (Food Navigator, 10/2/07)

September 2007

Surroundings contribute to teen obesity (USA Today, 9/24/07)


Junk Food Report Due in Congress (Broadcast and Cable, 9/17/07)


Burger King Introduces Fruity Side as It Agrees to Limits on Kid-Aimed Ads (AdAge, 9/11/07)


Another Study Slams Food Ads Aimed at Children (AdAge, 9/4/07)


Selling to Kids - Virtually (Channel 4.com, 9/4/07)

August 2007

Kids seem to respond to licensing of product (AP, 8/31/07)


Doctors Skeptical of Food Industry Ad Pledge (ABC News, 8/24/07)


Poll Shows Growing Concern About Role of Advertising in Child Obesity (Wall Street Journal, 8/21/07)


Cartoon characters labeled food villains (Guardian, 8/21/07)


Here Comes 'Halo 3' with a Side Order of Fries (Wall Street Journal, 8/9/07)


FTC Issues Subpoenas to Food Marketers (Adweek, 8/10/07)


Marketing tricks tots' taste buds (AP, 8/6/07)

July 2007

We are coming for your children (The Guardian, 7/31/07)


Fury over 'violent' robot gift for kids (Daily Mirror, 7/30/07)


Diet Soda, Metabolic Syndrome Linked (LA Times, 7/24/07)


Big Food Cuts $1B in Kid Ads; Pols' Hunger Still Not Sated (Adage, 7/23/07)


Limiting Ads of Junk Food to Children (New York Times, 7/18/07)


Markey Says Marketers Won't Follow Kellogg's Lead (Broadcasting & Cable, 7/11/07)


Watching Food Ads on TV May Program Kids to Overeat (Wall Street Journal 7/10/07)


Food Marketers Seem Set to Unveil Kids-Advertising Guidelines (AdAge.com, 7/6/07)

June 2007

Crackdown on children's ads (Australia) (Sydney Morning Herald, 6/10/07)


Promoting a Thirst for Sprite in Teenage Cellphone Users (New York Times, 6/7/07)


Advocacy Group Says Nickelodeon Should Ditch Junk Food Ads (Emax News, 6/6/07)

May 2007

Congress Will Join Federal Agencies In Seeking Action On Food Marketing To Kids (Broadcast and Cable, 5/22/07)


FTC Urged To Probe Digital Food Marketing To Kids (Media Post, 5/17/07)


Harkin critical of Shrek for promoting junk food (Radio Iowa, 5/17/07)


The Hard Sell: Marketing to Kids (CBS News, 5/14/07)

April 2007

Shrek shills dietary dreck -- dump him (Chicago Sun Times, 4/30/07)


Advocacy Group: Drop Shrek From Anti-Obesity Ads (AP, 4/26/07)


Obesity Fear Frenzy Grips Food Industry (Adage, 4/23/07)


Markey Wants to Put Kids TV On Ad Diet (Broadcast and Cable, 4/17/07)


FTC Takes Issue with Food Marketing to Kids (AdAge.com 4/17/07)


The Ultimate 'Halo 3' Accessory: Mountain Dew (AdAge.com, 4/16/07)


KFC Generates Buzzz (NY Post, 4/12/07)


Junk food ad ban comes into force in UK (Food Navigator, 04/02/07)


Living Well: Food biz feeds kids a steady marketing diet (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 4/01/07)


A deal with the devil:  Schools unable to alter soda contracts (Toldeo Blade, 4/1/07)

March 2007

Forget Big Tobacco, Big Food Kills (Truthdig, 3/29/07)

Study Finds Food Is Top Product Advertised to Kids (Washington Post, 3/28/07)

Soda drinkers consume more calories (USA Today, 3/26/07)

Krispy Kreme unfairly targeting kids, says group (AP Food Technology, 3/20/07)

Critics target Pizza Hut BOOKIt! Program (AP, 3/2/07)

February 2007

Snack-Ad Attack (Christian Science Monitor, 2/9/09)

M&M's maker to stop marketing to kids (CNNMoney.com, 2/05/07)

January 2007

Shrek Flip-flops in Obesity Fight (AdAge.com, 1/30/07)

Fruit shown on label often not in the box, kids' food study says (SF Chronicle, 1/26/07)

Beverage research tied to corporate dollars (Boston Globe, 1/9/07)

Burger King Sets High Score With Its Adver-games (AdAge.com, 1/8/07)


Weak-willed food makers need a prod (Albany Times Union, 12/3/06)

McDonald's trying a new play on PlayPlace (Chicago Tribune, 12/2/06)

Revealed: Secret tricks to sell junk food to children (Scotsman, 11/24/06)

McDonald's clown expelled from New Brunswick Schools (Toronto Star, 11/20/06)

Call for children's food ad curbs  (BBC, 11/03/06)

Disney's PR Strategy Unhealthy for 'Little Consumers' (Alternet, 10/19/06)

New Disney Rules Limit Character Use in Kids' Foods (Television Week, 10/17/06)

Review Of Kids Ad Rules Getting Messy (Brandweek, 10/16/06)

TVs in bedrooms may make kids fat (CanWest 10/16/06)

Diddy inks promotional deal with Burger King (Miami Herald, 10/10/06)

Study: Advertisements for high-fat foods permeate TV targeting toddlers (AP, 9/30/06)

Industry: Updated Children's Ad Guidelines Needed Now (Media Post, 9/26/06)

Court Allows McDonald's Food Fight (New York Law Journal, 9/21/06)

Exploitative Internet marketing fuels child obesity (Reuters, 9/5/06)

Study urges cutback in soda  (Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, 8/9/06)

How Advertising Is Becoming Child's Play (Science News Online, 7/29/06)

Sodas win over health in public schools (Mississippi Clarion Ledger, 7/25/06)

Brownback Doesn't Back Kids Marketing Mandates (Broadcasting & Cable, 7/21/06)

Is it a game or an advertisement? (Chicago Tribune, 7/20/06)

Food groups increase use of internet to target children (Financial Times, 7/19/06)

Social responsibility of Coca-Cola questioned (Atlanta Journal-Constiution, 7/18/06)

Burger King Movie in the Works (AdAge.com, 7/10/06)

The "Other" Child Predators: Advertisers (ConsumerAffairs.com, 7/9/06)

Surgery With a Side of Fries (New York Times, July 6, 2006)

Getting the Kids Hooked on Starbucks (Wall Street Journal, 6/27/06)

Coke slots in extras to new machines (Financial Times, 6/26/06)

Food makers target kids' sense of cool (NJ.com, 6/24/06)

Fifth-graders study, analyze, create ads (Columbia Daily Tribune, 5/30/06)

Why Hollywood Studios Can't Kick the Junk-Food Habit (AdAge.com, 5/19/06)

M&M math for fat kids (La Times, 5/15/05)

Caffeine: The Last Vice Standing (Brandweek, 5/13/05)

Junk-food Pushers on Defensive as Kids’ Advocates Push Back (New Standard, 5/8/06)

Fed Obesity Report Seen as Boon To Self-Regulation (Brand Week, 5/8/06)

Soda Deal with Clinton Foundation Latest PR Stunt (5/5/06)

Stuff the kids by Eric Schlosser (The Guardian, 4/24/06)

Industry lobbying 'derailed junk food ban' (The Guardian, 4/22/06)

Burger King's 'King' to Star in Video Games (Advertising Age, 4/14/06)

Proved: TV Leads to Junk Food Diet (London Times, 4/9/06)

Bill Strikes at Low-Nutrition Foods in School (New York Times, 4/6/06)

Children's Demands for Toys and Food Increase With TV Time, Researchers Say (San Francisco Chronicle, 4/4/06)

Ofcom proposes ban on kids' junk food ads (The Guardian, 3/28/06)

Internet used to push fast food to children, say campaigners (The Guardian, 3/27/06)

Senator makes waves with anti-obesity campaign (Financial Times, 3/14/06)

Food industry not responsive to obesity, claims report (Food Navigator, 3/6/06)

Soda targeted in fight against obesity (Associated Press, 3/5/06)

Selling Junk Food to Toddlers (New York Times, 2/23/06)

Does Advertising Make Us Fat (Brandweek, 2/20/06)

Parents, teachers deal with trend of aggressive marketing to kids (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 2/19/06)

Stop undermining parents (USA Today, 2/19/06)

McDonald's & Disney: Fat & happy (Philadelphia Daily News, 2/10/06)

Time to kick kid ads in the square pants  (NY Daily News, 2/5/06)

Food is a curse - and a cure (Cape Cod Times, 2/5/06)

Suing the Pants Off SpongeBob (Alternet, 1/31/06)

Europe Limits School Soft Drink Marketing (AdAge, 1/31/06)

Food Giants Accused of Underhand Tactics to Target Child Customers (The Independent, 1/30/06)

SpongeBob, Kellogg Get The Big Squeeze (Brandweek, 1/24/06)

East Meets West, Adding Pounds and Peril (New York Times, 1/12/06)



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