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Parents concerned over advertising on BusRadio


News 13, Central Florida

December 3, 2007


Intense debate started brewing in Seminole County over what students have been listening to on their bus ride to school.

A program known as "Bus Radio" is being tested out in dozens of Seminole County school buses.

An oversight committee met Monday to suggest improvements.

Many bus drivers have shown their support of the program, because they said it distracts students, therefore allowing drivers to focus more on the road.

The program has drawn criticism, though, from parents concerned about its use of advertising.

"It's hard to be all things to all people on a school bus, and maybe the best thing is to not play it," said Amy Lockhart, a mother on the oversight committee.

"I didn't have a big concern until I heard everything that's going on, so I guess it's more the advertising, and what they're trying to sell my daughter," said Johnitha Pugh, another concerned parent.

Commercials had not begun playing in Seminole County, but that was expected to change in the coming weeks.

One Seminole County teacher who has heard samples of commercials that will be featured said the ads she has heard were presented in the form of public service announcements, brought to listeners by a certain company.

This pilot program for Bus Radio was expected to last through the end of the school year.


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