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This page contains articles about screen media. The views expressed in these articles do not necessary reflect the opinion of CCFC. Click here for articles by CCFC coalition members. Click here for CCFC Press Releases.  For press inquires, or to be added to CCFC's press list, please contact Josh Golin at 617.278-4172 or josh<at>


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Whichever Screen, People Are Watching

New York Times, July 8, 2008


In Overhaul, Seeks a Path to More Fun

New York Times, June 25, 2008


Study: Teens dropping rags, radio for web, games, and TV

Ars Technica, June 20, 2008


Virtual Greats creates Web celebs

Variety, 6/9/08


Entering Virtual Worlds for Real-Life Pitches (New York Times, 5/29/08)


Mom, Can I Have My Virtual Allowance? (Advertising Age, 5/23/08)


Disney set to launch mobile 'tween' social network (Globe and Mail, 5/15/08)


Virtual worlds for pre-schoolers? They're here (C-Net, 5/11/08)


When Web Time Is Playtime (New York Times, 5/8/08)


'The Hills' Is Alive (AdWeek, 5/5/08)


Toddlers coming of digital age (USA Today, 4/30/08)


Warner moves toon content online to (KidScreen Daily, 4/29/08)


Nickelodeon creating new virtual worlds for tweens (Denver Post, 4/7/08)


"OurWorld:" A virtual world for teens (Seattle P-I, 4/7/08)


In-Game Ad Network Taps Into Virtual Worlds (The ClickZ Network, 4/7/08)


Got Milk? Taps MySpace with New Campaign (Promo, 3/19/08)


Online Games by the Hundreds, With Tie-Ins (New York Times, 3/18/08)


TV and Computer Limits Make Kids Slimmer (Wall Street Journal, 3/3/08)


Do you know where your children are? Probably playing in a virtual world (The Canadian Press, 2/29/08)


Nickelodeon Sees Digital Dollars Surge on 'Multi-Splatform' Approach (Advertising Age, 2/25/08)


Disney goes ad-funded with new mobile portal (Pocket Gamer, 2/14/08)


Generation MySpace Is Getting Fed Up (Business Week, 2/7/08)


MySpace not their space (Houston Chronicle, 2/4/08)


Mountain Dew Makes MMO More Than Just a Game (Advertising Age, 1/28/08)


McDonald's Pulls Ads From Suggestive Online Content (MediaPost, 1/28/08)


EA to offer ad-funded video game on Internet (Bloomberg News, 1/22/08)


The New Focus Groups: Online Networks (Wall Street Journal, 1/14/08)


Web Playgrounds of the Very Young (New York Times, 12/31/07)


Top Online Advertiser Making a Raw Impression (ClickZ Network, 12/17/07)


Ads on Webkinz draw criticism (New Jersey Star-Ledger, 12/17/07)


Webkinz Takes Heat For Taking Advertising (MediaPost, 12/14/07)


Guess Who's Seeing Web Traffic Soar: Kraft and Co. (Advertising Age, 12/10/07)


Texas Accuses Web Marketers Of Targeting Children Unlawfully (Brandweek, 12/10/07)


Kids Bombarded by Unsuitable Web Ads (The Guardian Unlimited, UK, 12/6/07)


Putting the 'I' in viral makes web ads infectious (Brandweek, 12/3/07)


Facebook users complain of new tracking (Red Orbit, 11/21/07)


Dispute over push to get social Web sites in classroom (Union Leader Correspondent, 11/23/07)


What kids learn in virtual worlds (C-Net News, 11/15/07)


New Facebook, MySpace ad programs prompt FTC complaint (C-Net News, 11/12/07)


Forum to focus on online privacy (San Francisco Chronicle, 11/1/07)


Facebook to Add Shopping Service to Its Menu (Advertising Age, 11/5/07)


Privacy Groups Propose Do-Not-Track List (Advertising Age, 10/30/07)


Pay Up, Kid, or Your Igloo Melts (New York Times, 10/28/07)


Virtual worlds threaten 'values' (BBC News, 10/25/07)


Are kids ready for ads in virtual worlds? (C-Net News, 10/16/07)


When the PC becomes a parenting problem (C-Net News, 10/11/07)


The Hottest Thing in Kids Marketing? Imitating Webkinz (Advertising Age, 10/8/07)


Coming soon to kindergarten: anti-piracy ed (C-Net News, 10/2/07)


The virtual playground (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 10/1/07)


MySpace to Discuss Latest Effort to Customize Ads for Members (New York Times, 9/18/07)


Selling to Kids - Virtually (Channel, 9/4/07)


Facebook Gets Personal With Ad Targeting Plan (Wall Street Journal, 8/24/07)


Virtual worlds for kids take off (The Guardian, 8/9/07)


Sears Targets Tweens Online (Chicago Sun Times, 8/9/07)


Playground Networking, Now Online  (Washington Post, 8/3/07)


Virtual Worlds Aren't Just for Reaching Adults Anymore (Click Z, 7/05/07)


Play sites offer safe fun — and lucrative advertising space (International Herald Tribune, 6/6/07)


FTC Urged To Probe Digital Food Marketing To Kids (Media Post, 5/17/07)


Websites cultivate market in the making: children (Toronto Globe and Mail, 5/3/07)


Mattel aims at preteens with Barbie Web brand (AP 4/27/07)


Ad infinitum (food marketing to children) (Boston Globe, 4/23/07)


Webkinz's plush creatures take on e-lives  (Associated Press, 4/9/07)


Tweens' tap into the Web (Baltimore Sun, 4/5/07)


Kids' TV faces new Net restrictions (CNet, 1/24/07)


Child protection advocates hit at Wal-Mart (Financial Times, 10/5/06)


Exploitative Internet marketing fuels child obesity (Reuters, 9/5/06)


PBS to sell online ads (Broadcasting and Cable, 8/24/06)


How Advertising Is Becoming Child's Play (Science News Online, 7/29/06)


Is it a game or an advertisement? (Chicago Tribune, 7/20/06)


Food groups increase use of internet to target children (Financial Times, 7/19/06)


Hey, Kid, You Want to Buy a Toyota Scion? (New York Times, 6/14/06)


Kids And Neopets: Who's Getting Fed? (, 2/9/06)


Nestlé Joins Gaming World to Sell Water

Advertising Age, June 22, 2008


Bill targets teen gamers (Variety, 5/7/08)


Study: Just 20 percent of under-17 kids can buy 'M'-rated games (C-Net, 5/8/08)


Parents concerned about Miss Bimbo game (3/25/08)


Menino: Ban violent vid games for kids (Boston Herald, 3/17/08)


Executive Suite: Tony Hawk leaps to top of financial empire (USA Today, 3/10/08)


Video Games Normalize Killing, Doctors Say (KETV, 2/7/08)


Under-fire video games industry to sponsor politicians (Guardian Unlimited, 2/4/08)


MySpace's Missed Opportunity (Huffington Post, 1/15/08)


Video game industry seeks political clout (New York Times, 1/15/08)


Pepsi tackles childhood obesity with videogames in Mexico (The Guardian Unlimited, 1/2/08)


US kids find it easy to buy adult-rated videogames: survey (AFP, 12/5/07)


PlayStation's game plan: scale ad rates for videos (Adweek, 12/3/07)


Videogame teaches teen girls to slither up social ladder (CanWest News Service, 11/22/07)


Senators urge tougher rating for "Manhunt" game (Reuters, 11/20/07)


Child Advocates Upset Over "Manhunt 2" (Associated Press, 10/30/07)


Screen violence tied to boys' aggression: study (Yahoo News, 11/5/07)


Serious gaming starts at 6 (Advertising Age, 10/18/07)


Nintendo Wii takes a murderous turn (USA Today, 10/3/07)


Here Comes 'Halo 3' with a Side Order of Fries (Wall Street Journal, 8/9/07)


Video Game Ads (CBS, 5/30/07)


EU to study ways to keep violent video games from kids (AP, 1/16/07)


Burger King Sets High Score With Its Adver-games (, 1/8/07)


Study: Violent video game effects linger in brain (Reuters, 11/28/06)


Free speech, not a free ride (Boston Globe, 11/22/06)


T should put the brakes on violent video game ads (11/20/06)


In-Game Ads Burrow Deeper (Wired, 10/5/06)


Lawyer Fighting To Ban 'Columbine Simulator' (TechWeb Technology News, August 14, 2006)


Kids Kill In Violent Christian Videogame (Alternet, 7/21/06)


PC In-Game Advertising Revenue to Top $400 Million by 2009 (MediaBuyerPlanner, 6/14/06)


NPD Study: More and More Children Using Consumer Electronics (, 5/31/06)


Burger King's 'King' to Star in Video Games (Advertising Age, 4/14/06)


In-game ads link to the real world (Christian Science Monitor, 1/26/06)

Television/ Movies

Does TV help babies or hold them back? (Star-Telegram, 4/2/08)


Kids enter WWE ring (Variety, 3/23/08)


Apple teams with 'American Idol' (Variety, 3/18/08)


MTV, Doritos Partner for Reality Series (Promo, 3/14/08)


Is TV to blame for fat epidemic? (Toronto Star, 3/8/08)


Kids Upfront Going Steady (Broadcasting and Cable, 3/10/08)


Hollywood Will Help to Police PG-13 TV Ads (Broadcasting & Cable, 3/4/08)


TV ads and obese kids (The Star, 3/4/08)


TV and Computer Limits Make Kids Slimmer (Wall Street Journal, 3/3/08)


Toy Maker Hasbro Locks Up More Hollywood Deals (Advertising Age, 2/20/08)


Parents Group Slams Producers for Marketing PG-13 Films to Kids (Brandweek, 1/17/08)


“George of the Jungle” returns (New York Times, 1/16/08)


Ad Groups Want to Block FCC Rule-Making on Product Placement (Advertising Age, 12/17/07)


So That’s Why They Drink Coke on TV (New York Times, 12/9/2007)


FCC Fines Two TV stations for Violations of Children's-TV Ad Limits (Broadcasting and Cable,



Parents tricked by Baby Einstein (Brisbane Times, 8/6/07)


Study by Wake Forest professor says toddlers learn little from TV (Winston-Salem Journal,



TV may harm toddlers' brain development (Canadian Press, 5/08/07)


More toddlers have own TVs, study finds

20% of children under age 3 have a set in bedroom (Chicago Tribune, 5/7/07)


Ad infinitum (food marketing to children) (Boston Globe, 4/23/07)


Kids need a respite from TV (Eugene Guard-Register, 4/23/07)


Markey Wants to Put Kids TV On Ad Diet (Broadcast and Cable, 4/17/07)


FTC Takes Issue with Food Marketing to Kids ( 4/17/07)


Growth spurt seen in TV fare for babies (San Antonio Express-News, 4/17/07)


Disney Expands Electronics With Themes Taken From Movies (Media Post, 4/12/07)


Chrysler, Sirius Introduce 'Backseat TV' With Kid Shows (Media Post, 3/30/07)


Study Finds Food Is Top Product Advertised to Kids (Washington Post, 3/28/07)


FCC Split Over TV Violence Report (National Journal, 3/28/07)


BabyFirstTV growing up fast (Hollywood Reporter, 3/26/07)


Diaper Demographic:  TV, Video Programming for the Under-2 Market Grows Despite Lack of

Clear Educational Benefit (Washington Post, 2/24/07)


Are Canadian babies ready for their own TV channel? (CBC, 1/30/07)


CCFC to President Bush:  Luring Babies to Screens is Not Heroic


Watching television won't turn babies into Einsteins (Concord Monitor, 1/25/07)


TV ads stress children (New Zealand Press, 1/02/06)


Baby Frankenstein (Forbes, 12/19/06)


Pediatricians criticize use of TVs in hospital (Boston Globe, 10/17/06)


TVs in bedrooms may make kids fat (CanWest 10/16/06)


TV Hurts School Performance (AP, 10/2/06)


Study: Advertisements for high-fat foods permeate TV targeting toddlers (AP, 9/30/06)


Baby TV Comes to Canada (Global National, 7/11/06)


Study says violence still abounds in children's television (Kansas City Star, 5/29/06)


Kaiser Tallies Kids' TV Hours (5/24/06)


Round-The-Clock TV Channel For Babies Debuts (Associated Press, 5/12/06)


Courting Kids, Networks Aim Younger (TelevisionWeek, 2/20/06)


TV watching takes away from family time (UPI, 2/7/06)


Baby Einsteins or baby couch potatoes? (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/2/06)


In Tots' TV Shows, A Booming Market, Toys Get Top Billing (Wall St. Journal, 1/27/06)



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