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Current News -September/October 2004

Advertisers Sharpen their Targeting (Wall Street Journal, 10/27/04)

Viacom, Disney Settle with FCC Over Kids' Ads (Rueters, 10/24/04)

Reading, Writing and Corporate Sponsorships (The New York Times, 10/18/04)

Television Alcohol Ads Bombarding Teens Continue to Rise (Center on Alcohol Marketing to Youth, 10/13/04)

Selling at the schools (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 10/12/04)

Clear Channel Entertainment Properties Creates Exclusive 'Back to School Rock' Program for Boost Mobile (PR Newswire 10/14/04)

TV product placement moves out of background (USA Today, 10/10/04)

The Hello Kitty Debit Card (Washington Post, 10/10/04)

Kidz magazine helps marketers reach schoolchildren (PR NewsWire, 10/6/04)

New Breed of Retail Field Trips Emerging (Education Week, 10/8/04)

Children flock to Neopets site for virtual fun (and ads) (Indianopolis Star, 10/3/04)

"Get rid of the TV" - An interview w Juliet Schor (Business Week, 10/4/04)

Corporate tax bill hits snag over FDA regulation of tobacco (ABC News, 10/5/4)

Panel: Broad effort needed on children's obesity (MSNBC, 9/30/04)

Junk Culture (Time, 9/28/04)

A young whine controls family budgets (Toronto Star, 9/24/04)

Army's war game recruits kids (SF Gate, 9/23/04)

Parents Favor New Limits on TV Content in Early Evening Hours (Kaiser Family Foundation, 9/23/04)

Atkins partners with education associations (USA Today, 9/23/04)

Atkins' low-carb approach makes its way into schools (USA Today, 9/23/04)

Stealth advertising puts products and pitches everywhere . . . and you may never know (Chicago Tribune, 9/21/04)

Countering our children's culture of junk (Washington Post, 9/18/04)

Back to school means back to Advergames (Reuters, 9/15/04)

Too many children are still targeted by big tobacco (AMA, 9/13/04)

How to combat marketing to your child (Seattle Times, 9/13/04)

Marketing makeup to young girls (including vending machines in school bathrooms) (The Guardian, 9/8/04)

Products slide into more TV shows, with help from new middlemen (New York Times, 9/07/04)

Web sites blur line between ads, games (Boston Globe, 9/06/04)



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