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FCC Fines Two TV stations for Violations of Children's-TV Ad Limits (Broadcasting and Cable, 9/29/07)

Parents tricked by Baby Einstein (Brisbane Times, 8/6/07)

Study by Wake Forest professor says toddlers learn little from TV (Winston-Salem Journal, 7/3/07)

TV may harm toddlers' brain development (Canadian Press, 5/08/07)


More toddlers have own TVs, study finds
20% of children under age 3 have a set in bedroom
(Chicago Tribune, 5/7/07)

Ad infinitum (food marketing to children) (Boston Globe, 4/23/07)


Kids need a respite from TV (Eugene Guard-Register, 4/23/07)


Markey Wants to Put Kids TV On Ad Diet (Broadcast and Cable, 4/17/07)


FTC Takes Issue with Food Marketing to Kids (AdAge.com 4/17/07)


Growth spurt seen in TV fare for babies (San Antonio Express-News, 4/17/07)

Disney Expands Electronics With Themes Taken From Movies (Media Post, 4/12/07)

Chrysler, Sirius Introduce 'Backseat TV' With Kid Shows (Media Post, 3/30/07)

Study Finds Food Is Top Product Advertised to Kids (Washington Post, 3/28/07)

FCC Split Over TV Violence Report (National Journal, 3/28/07)

BabyFirstTV growing up fast (Hollywood Reporter, 3/26/07)

Diaper Demographic:  TV, Video Programming for the Under-2 Market Grows Despite Lack of Clear Educational Benefit (Washington Post, 2/24/07)

Are Canadian babies ready for their own TV channel? (CBC, 1/30/07)

CCFC to President Bush:  Luring Babies to Screens is Not Heroic

Watching television won't turn babies into Einsteins (Concord Monitor, 1/25/07)

TV ads stress children (New Zealand Press, 1/02/06)


Baby Frankenstein (Forbes, 12/19/06)

Pediatricians criticize use of TVs in hospital (Boston Globe, 10/17/06)

TVs in bedrooms may make kids fat (CanWest 10/16/06)

TV Hurts School Performance (AP, 10/2/06)

Study: Advertisements for high-fat foods permeate TV targeting toddlers (AP, 9/30/06)

Baby TV Comes to Canada (Global National, 7/11/06)

Study says violence still abounds in children's television (Kansas City Star, 5/29/06)

Kaiser Tallies Kids' TV Hours (5/24/06)

Round-The-Clock TV Channel For Babies Debuts (Associated Press, 5/12/06)

Courting Kids, Networks Aim Younger (TelevisionWeek, 2/20/06)

TV watching takes away from family time (UPI, 2/7/06)

Baby Einsteins or baby couch potatoes? (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/2/06)

In Tots' TV Shows, A Booming Market, Toys Get Top Billing (Wall St. Journal, 1/27/06)


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