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Are young girls dressing too revealingly? (Good Morning America, 10/27/07)

The Hottest Thing in Kids Marketing? Imitating Webkinz (Advertising Age, 10/8/07)

Retailers Target Tween Girls (Omaha World Herald, 9/25/07)

Lolita's Closet: Unbearably trampy back-to-school clothes (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/6/07)

Interior design's youth movement; retailers target teens' and tweens' personal spaces (Boston Globe, 8/9/07)

Sears Targets Tweens Online (Chicago Sun Times, 8/9/07)

Growing up too fast (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/6/07)

More than a doll, baby (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/2/07)

Too Sexy, Too Soon (, 8/01/07)

New Barbies don't just have outfits - they have docking stations (International Herald Tribune, 7/23/07)

New Products: Oh Boy! Disney Sees Market For Pre-Teen Fragrances (Brandweek, 7/23/07)

Mattel's Barbie And Bonne Bell To Push Makeup For Little Girls (Media Post, 6/12/07)

Play sites offer safe fun — and lucrative advertising space (International Herald Tribune, 6/6/07)

Caught Be-Tween Promotional Lines
Manufacturers Share 10 Tips for Marketing to Tweens
(Toy Directory, 5/07)

Cell-Phone Provider Kajeet Goes To Whyville To Reach Tweens (Media Post, 4/30/07)

Mattel aims at preteens with Barbie Web brand (AP 4/27/07)

As kids get savvy, marketers move down the age scale  (USA Today, 4/11/07)

Tweens' tap into the Web (Baltimore Sun, 4/5/07)

Trash the plastic slappers (Bratz) (Courier Mail, 3/20/07)

Cell Phone Makers Accused of Tween Targeting (Australian IT, 2/19/07)

Why are we dressing our daughters like this? (McLeans, 1/07)

Cashing in on the tween dream (The Australian Age, 1/6/07)


‘Tweens‘ becoming the new teens (Associated Press, 11/25/06)

Psychologists push back against market forces and products that sexualize young girls (APA Monitor, September 2006)

No Escaping Sexualization of Young Girls (LA Times, 8/25/06)

From the sandbox to the spa (USA Today, August 1 2006)

Barbie Is the Least of My Problems, as a Mom (, 8/1/06)

Tweens and Media: What's Too Adult? (, 8/1/06)


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