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November Newsletter - The Holiday Issue


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In this Issue:    


-The CCFC Commercial-Free Holiday Guide!


-Share Your Tips for Commercial-Free Holidays


-2008 TRUCE Toy Action Guide


-CCFC's Holiday Marketing Moratorium - You Can Still Take Action!



Announcing the CCFC Guide to Commercial-Free Holidays!

With contributions from Enola Aird, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Nathan Dungan, Allen Kanner, Tim Kasser, Joe Kelly, Diane Levin, Karen Lewis, and Susan Linn

Commercializing childhood is a societal problem -- but even as we work to change society we know that millions of families are assaulted by stepped-up commercialism each holiday season. How can we find meaning amid the clutter of commercial chaos? Preserve our values in the midst of the annual advertising assault? Reclaim the holidays from corporate marketers?

Download the first ever CCFC Guide to Commercial-Free Holidays to find strategies for coping from some of your favorite activists, advocates and authors.  Pass it on, post it, share it with friends and families.





Share Your Tips for Commercial-Free Holidays

How does your family cope with holiday commercialism? Send us your strategies and suggestions for creating commercial-free holidays and we'll share them on our website.

View CCFC members' suggestions here.





2008 TRUCE Toy Action Guide

Good news from Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment!

The "TRUCE 2008-2009 Toy Action Guide" is now available, just in time for the December holiday toy-buying season. You can download it at:

Please use the guide yourself and spread the word as widely as possible—to parents, teachers, community groups, and the news media.

The “TRUCE Toys, Play and Young Children Action Guide” contains information about:
• The importance of play for development and learning
• Choosing toys that promote positive play
• Avoiding toys that undermine creative play





Tell Toy Marketers:  Target Parents not Children with Ads this Holiday Season 

In the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, as families struggle to make house payments and put food on the table, over 1400 of you so far have joined our campaign to tell toy marketers to target parents, not children, with holiday toy marketing. 

Read about the campaign. 

Take Action! Send an email to 22 major toy and retail companies asking them to leave children alone this holiday season!



Support CCFC.  We rely on our members because we will not compromise our commitment to children by accepting corporate funding. To make a tax-free contribution, please visit



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