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Press Releases: 2005  


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Disney Film Violates Separation of Church and Commerce

December 6, 2005


Comments of CCFC's Susan Linn on the IOM Report on Food Marketing to Children

December 6, 2005


Children’s Advocates Urge President Clinton to End Nickelodeon Partnership

November 9, 2005


CCFC to Scholastic: Stop Peddling TV In Preschools

September 15, 2005


Advocates for Children Tell TIAA-CREF: Coke is Not a Social Choice

August 30, 2005


Empty Calories, Empty Promises: Advocates Call New School Beverage Policy a PR Stunt

August 17, 2005


Cartoon Network’s “Tickle U” Is No Laughing Matter

August 15, 2005


Major Food Companies Hijack FTC Workshop on Advertising to Kids

July 13, 2005


Group Asks Pension Fund To Drop Wal-Mart, Coke Stocks

July 5, 2005


Food Marketers Up to Their Old Trix

June 28, 2005


New Star Wars Food Lures Children to the Fat Side

May 17, 2005


Classical Baby is a Classic Hoax

May 10, 2005


CCFC Raps McDonald's Supersized Hypocrisy

April 4, 2005


Advocates for Children Challenge Alliance for American Advertising

March 15, 2005


Senator Harkin to Receive Fred Rogers Integrity Award from Children’s Coalition

January, 31, 2005


Children’s Coalition: IOM Panel Lacks Objectivity

January 26, 2005


Swann Takes Dive for Vending Association

January 13, 2005



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