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September 5, 2006


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Statement of CCFC’s Dr. Susan Linn on the International Obesity TaskForces’ Call to Ban Junk Food Marketing to Children


“The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood lauds the International Obesity TaskForce for their call to ban junk food marketing aimed at children.  The IOTF’s Sydney Principles* provide an excellent framework for protecting children from harmful marketing.  This is the most promising development yet in the struggle to stop childhood obesity and other marketing-related ills.  Now that an august body like the IOTF has declared self-regulation a failure, it is our hope that governments around the world will take action to stop the commercial exploitation of children.”



*The International Obesity TaskForces’ Sydney Principles are draft recommendations proposing a range of actions that governments, the private sector and international bodies like the World Health Organization should take.  These include proposals that government should:



• Provide substantial protection to children against commercial exploitation

• Implement statutory measures rather than rely on self regulation

• Take a wide definition of promotion to include all marketing techniques, including the


• Commit to commercial-free schools and other settings

• Include cross border media to regulate satellite, internet and terrestrial broadcasting

• Monitor and enforce compliance with a new international code


*(For more information, see











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