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7 Things  You Can Do to Fight Back Against Predatory Marketers


1.      Support our current campaigns Be sure to check CCFC's Action Center regularly for the latest actions from CCFC and our organizational members.

2.      Send us suggestions for actions you'd like us to take on.  Many of our actions - including our successful campaign to stop a new line of eroticized dolls for six-year-olds -  were suggested to us by our members.  If you see marketing that you think should be the focus of a CCFC campaign, send us an email at ccfc@jbcc.harvard.edu.

3.      Support the activities of our member organizations.  Our member organizations are on the forefront of the struggle to reclaim childhood from corporate marketers.  So support TV-Turnoff Week; circulate the TRUCE Toy Action Guide; join the Dads and Daughters Action Network.  For a complete list of CCFC member organizations, please click here


4.      Start a local chapter of CCFC.  Last year, our first local chapter formed in the Quad Cities (Iowa/Illinois) area.  You too can start a local chapter of CCFC and fight back against the commercialization of childhood in your own community.  CCFC, in conjunction with our Quad Cities chapter,  has created  materials for outreach presentations in order to help you get started and an implementation model for starting a local chapter

If you are interested in starting a chapter of CCFC in your own area., please ccfc@jbcc.harvard.edu



5.      Sign the Statement on the Rights of Children, Families, and Food Marketers Join the growing alliance of those who value children more than the bottom line.  Read and sign the statement at http://www.commercialfreechildhood.org/actions/statementonrights.htm 


6.      Challenge the Effectiveness of Self-Regulation.  Are you concerned about marketing to children that encourages unhealthy eating habits; uses sex or violence to make a product attractive to children; promotes questionable values for children; or undermines parental authority and encourages children to nag for products?  If you've seen marketing that you think is inappropriate for children, let the advertising industry's self-regulatory body, the Children's Advertising Review Unit know.  To learn more about how to voice your concerns and join this important campaign, visit: http://www.commercialexploitation.org/actions/caru.htm

7.      Protect Children from Coke's Marketing Machine. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood is working with the Make TIAA-CREF Ethical coalition to convince TIAA-CREF, the nation’s largest retirement fund, to pressure corporations to be more socially responsible – and to divest from companies that refuse to change their practices.  Currently, we are urging TIAA-CREF to urge Coca-Cola to change their marketing practices. To learn more about this campaign and what you can do, please visit http://www.commercialexploitation.org/actions/tiaacrefcoke.htm

Other Actions to Protect Children from Commercial Exploitation


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