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Summary: is a legitimate mail-order pharmacy selling OTC prescription pharmaceuticals with multiple discreet payment and delivery options. website reviews in 2023

Check-My-Order provides such a medical service where patients can consult with professional physicians online and apply for online prescriptions under certain conditions.

What is

A telemedicine service that functions as an online legitimate practice is Doctors that are qualified to practice medicine (advisors) also work with pharmacy site. You are able to provide remote diagnostics, counseling, and prescriptions for Rx medications.

Another service provided by Check-My-Order, which is related to an online pharmacy, is the selling of drugs that include delivery. There is no personal knowledge of the patient, and you may check the status of your order.

What treatments can patients order online on

Visit mail-order pharmacy which provides you with package track number and medication for:

Men's Health

In terms of men's health and/or discomfort, Check-My-Order offers over-the-counter impotence treatment (Viagra, Cialis or Levitra), hair loss (Propecia) and premature ejaculation (Priligy).

Women's Health

Women can order contraceptives such as the contraceptive pill, mini-pill and the after pill online via, as well as contraceptive patches and contraceptive ring.

Medicines for hirsutism are also available. Hirsutism is a hair typical of men on the face, back, chest and shoulders.

Medication to postpone the period is unfortunately not available.

Sexual Health

Anyone suffering from venereal diseases such as chlamydia, genital herpes, coward warts, genital mycoplasma can discreetly refer to medicines used for treatments at The same applies to bacterial vaginosis, non-specific urethritis (urethral inflammation) or a vaginal fungus.

Medicines used to treat trippers (gonorrhea) are not available.

General Medicine

The online doctors of Check-My-Order take over medical treatment in the field of general medicine for diseases such as asthma, diabetes (however, metformin is currently not available), bladder infections, hypertension, influenza (viral flu), incontinence, hemorrhoids, cholesterol reduction.

In addition, you can order smoking cessation (Champix) medicines. You cannot obtain Xenical from Check-My-Order for the obesity treatment.

Travel medicine

For travel diseases, travel diarrhea, malaria, and problems with jet lag or altitude sickness, appropriate medicines are available for treatment via Check-My-Order's medical advisor.

Skin care and acne

Skin care treatment in refers to patients suffering from acne, skin fungus or psoriasis.

Getting prescription at How does mail-order pharmacy work?

The majority of customers do not employ Check-My-Order's service representatives or online pharmacy physicians (Ph.D, PharmD, MD) to have a prescription for the desired medication issued by postal address. This eliminates the need to travel to the hospital, endure wait periods, and also uses the postal system to transmit prescriptions with choices for both payment and delivery.

Buy medicines at The ultimate guide

Drug Selection

Proceed to a desired drug selection on the website. The menu bar displays the individual areas of expertise and mentions of the disease/health complaints.

The patient gets to the side where you can find available medications by clicking on the appropriate disease/discomfort. This is where the selection takes place. This follows by a medication description. A choice between the original drug and alternative medicines is available.

If the drug is ordered, a click on request a prescription is necessary. Here, patients get to the point where they need to set up a patient account at the latest. This one is free.

Answer medical questionnaires

The next step is to complete a questionnaire. This starts with questions about age and gender. There is an option to get help answering the questions.

The patient must then confirm that he is over 18 years old, that the information provided is done truthfully and that the desired medication is used for his own benefit.

This is followed by questions about physical and health nature. These include, for example, information on height and weight, whether medications are taken, what diseases and pre-existing conditions are present, and how high the blood pressure is. Finally, the patient must confirm that he will take the drug according to the medical prescription and/or according to the information in the leaflet.

Provide delivery address and select payment option

Below is the delivery address. This does not have to correspond to your own residential address. The drug can be shipped to any address, such as the workplace address. If your own residential address is not chosen, it must nevertheless be indicated. It is necessary for a legally required age check to take place in combination with the name.

This is followed by the choice of the desired delivery date as well as payment option. Payment by credit card, by delivery, instant transfer as well as by invoice and installment payment are available.

Finally, the payment details are demanded and the entire process is ended by clicking on Submit. Invoicing takes place only when the drug is released by prescription. If a prescription exhibition is rejected, no request for payment will be made or credit card will be charged.

This is where the work of online doctors begins, taking a close look at all the information. In case of open questions and ambiguities, the doctor turns to the patient again. This is usually done via live chat, in some cases can also be done via e-mail or by telephone contact.

If there is no concern on the part of the online doctor to issue a prescription for the desired drug, this will be done within a few minutes. It will be forwarded immediately to the affiliated pharmacy. This prepares the drug for shipment providing order tracking and verification status and sends it to the desired delivery address.

Overview of customer care team and delivery times at Check-My-Order

The customer care team (Customer Support Center) is personally available from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 21:00. However, e-mails can be sent to the Client Pharmacy Service at any time of day or night. A free customer service advisory service is available within the competence area.

The delivery time for express shipping is usually between one and two working day(s). Deliveries on the same day of ordering are only available to delivery addresses in Toronto, Canada.

Our Tip!

The online clinics offer patients a safe and discreet alternative to order their treatment with online prescription. Suffice it to answer some of the questions of the online questionnaire, which is examined by MD. After determining the suitability for the drug, the online prescription is issued and the drug is shipped to your desired address.

Is legit?

Online doctors working at are approved and are allowed to practise in USA, Canada, EU, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. They meet all the conditions that allow them to provide medical services from a distance without the patient's personal information provided.

While telemedical service is not (yet) allowed in all EU guidelines Check-My-Order online doctors from Britain to offer their services in any other country worldwide.

Furthermore, EU directives state that patients have the free choice of doctor, which includes the whole of the EU and therefore the UK. Thus, they operate entirely within a legal framework because EU directives state that patients have the free choice of doctor, which includes the whole of the European Union.

Telemedicine has been on the rise in the EU for some time! It ranks penultimate in digitisation of healthcare in a recent digitisation of the health sector, doctors are probably already allowed to carry out remote treatments anywhere in the EU and are also allowed to carry out remote treatments anywhere in the EU as well as write out a prescriptions.

Prescription rejection at Possible reasons

If prescription exhibition gets rejected by, the reasons are usually not meeting certain criteria.


Patients must generally be 18 years of age in order to obtain a prescription at 121doc. The prerequisite is that the adult patient meets the medical criteria.

Thematic areas

The online doctor is not equal to a general practitioner or family doctor, as it can be found in a local practice. Unlike this, Check-My-Order's online doctor is limited to specific subject areas in his speaking hours.

Complementary benefits

The possibility to consult the online doctor via digital communication channels makes it easier to contact the doctor. The task of online practice is primarily to complement the services of local medical professionals.


While normal family doctors can take care of any condition,'s online MD's hands are tied in this regard.

In principle, acute pain, injuries, medical emergencies and illnesses requiring personal examination fall into the treatment area of local doctors. Gynaecological consultations as well as treatments for pregnant women are also in the department of local specialists and are not carried out by the online doctor.

Medical patient information

Patients of Check-My-Order must complete a patient form that includes a questionnaire. This allows the online doctor to obtain all relevant medical information of the patient. In the event of unclear information, there is a demand from the doctor.

Based on the answer information, the online doctor determines whether the specified criteria are met. If this is not the case, a prescription exhibition will be rejected. The rejection rate of has averaged over 20% in the past.

In addition, the patient is advised to consult a local physician and receives a medical explanation as to why the rejection of a prescription display took place.

Exclusion criteria

It should be noted that online doctors are generally subject to stricter exclusion criteria than local doctors. These do not relate exclusively to health risks, but may also be based on other reasons.

Example: Prescription rejected at

A patient with diabetes mellitus turns up to online MD to get a prescription for Viagra. Long-standing und/or severe diabetes can cause damage to the nerves as well as vascular walls. Taking Viagra (Sildenafil) would be useless in the event and could even lead to a life-threatening situation.

For this reason, the online doctor has to refuse a prescription and refer it to a local doctor. Under certain conditions, another sexual enhancer may be prescribed, such as with the active ingredient Vardenafil (trading name: Levitra).

What is alternative to

For those looking for a safe and legal alternative to the pharmacy, we can recommend, also have a look at reviews section for experiences and test. is also legit internet mail-order pharmacy for private online medical purchases and prescription refill service with 24-hour express shipping and original medicines similar to

Regulation is done through the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), or MHRA for short. This institution is equivalent to the Federal Institute of Medicines and Medical Devices. In addition, PharmacySupport is subject to Care Quality Commission regulation. This is a regulator in England that is independent and active in the care and health sectors.

All medicines shipped by Indian vendors are original medicines that would also be dispensed in a local pharmacy. This includes both branded preparations and their generics. PharmacySupport thus only sends drugs approved by the MHRA.

A difference can be found in a broader treatment offering. While currently includes about 50 drugs in its portfolio, ACS-24 currently includes 397 medicines for 78 illnesses of various kinds. For example, you can buy Norethisteron 5mg for moving the period, antibiotics for gonorrhea treatment, Circadin 2 mg of reard tablets for sleep disorders either Xenical or Alli Orlistat 120mg (Xenical generic) for obesity treatment at PharmacySupport. These pharmaceutical agents are not available at Check-My-Order.

Website is user-friendly and has good website structure. They rely on transparent pricing. The bonus awards include the cost of the healthcare professional's consultation, written out RX and the lower purchase price for the medicine and the delivery of medicines.

On Trustpilot, an external rating portal, receives 9.6 out of 10 points. This is due in particular to the high quality of service provided by the provider.


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