Is Customer Support Service Legitimate or Fake?

Last Updated: contacts: Phone: +1-646-6932743, email:, customer support service website: is perfectly legitimate way to order sexual enhancers and other pharmaceuticals online without having to pay a visit to healthcare specialist. customer support service in 2021 in More Details is medical service that has broken into new ground. For example, online practices have emerged that can provide remote healthcare for patients. HelpingSupport is such an online practice in which licensed physicians offer telemedicine services – remote diagnostics, remote counseling and the prescribing of medicines (Viagra, Cialis or Levitra).

In this way, patients can seek medical help, especially with topics that are very unpleasant for them with a greater sense of anonymity.

Why is legal? is licensed as a medical service provider for telemedicine and the online practice works with licensed doctors in the USA and EU. Why HelpingSupport is allowed to operate legally is due to the so-called EU directive on patient mobility.

What many people do not know is that under the EU directive on patient mobility, every patient is free to choose his or her doctor within the EU. This is behind the european free internal market in the EU. And since the sale of sexual enhancers via telemedicine, i.e. online, is legal, EU and U.S. citizens are also allowed to use the HelpingSupport pharmacy service in completely legit way.

Which pharmaceuticals are most prescribed at HelpingSupport?

Online practices such as HelpingSupport are mainly used by patients who do not want to visit their MD because of shame or other fears. This is often the case, especially with venereal diseases and sexual problems. The most prescribed drugs of are from this range.

Sexual agents such as Viagra, anti-ejaculatory agents, or antibiotics for chlamydia – a common venereal disease – are on high demand at list of prescribed medications.

What are Ratings of has been offering medical care since 2002 and is one of the pioneers of international telemedicine. The offer as an online practice has also been used by EU and U.S. citizens for many years.

While local pharmacies are rather sceptical about online practices, patients are universally enthusiastic.

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