Is Customer Support Center Fraudulent?

Last Updated: contacts: Phone: +1-425-5777756, Support team email:, customer support service website:, EU phone for European customers: +44-1204-897361.

The summary: HNB-customer is a modern scam online practice. No approved doctors care for patients via telemedicine. Why the sale of prescription drugs via is illegal online? customer support center in 2021

Is legal?'s headquarters are located in India. is not authorised under EU law and is not controlled by authorities. This is certain that is illegally allowed to offer medical services and can appeal to patients throughout EU and they can pretend to use the services legally.

The background is EU directive on patient mobility. This directive regulates the way health and social services are financed, provided and supplied. The directive in its text includes a number of conditions that are meant to ensure that the rules apply in all countries within the E.U. border area. Is is about health and social services organisations (HSE) and health services agencies (HSAs) who provide and commission these practices.

The rules cover the following:

Free choice of doctor also takes place across borders, and if online hnb-customer practice is approved as a medical service, telehealth practices also get used.

Which pharmaceuticals are most prescribed at

Online practice such as hnb-customer is perceived by patients as more discreet and anonymous. As a result, they are mainly aproached by patients suffering from illnesses or problems in which they feel shame. They search for alternative to the family doctor and discovered

So it's no surprise that medicines for erectile dysfunction, such as Viagra or Cialis, are high on list of most-prescribed pharmaceuticals. Drugs for premature ejaculation and antibiotics against venereal diseases such as chlamydia are also prescribed at online pharmacy

What is experience with HNB-customer?

Numerous testimonials of can be found on the HNB-customer website and on different web sources. The vast majority of patients learn about their good health results from Many patients want to remain anonymous, so a simple communication and filling out an online questionnaire would suffice.

Another highly depreciated feature of is the ability to easily prescribe the required RX while still not providing comprehensive medical education. Many patients like the idea of redeeming their prescription at another affiliated mail order pharmacy and having their prescribed medication delivered to their home quickly and conveniently.

In independent research, also performs poorly – not just in terms of customer satisfaction, but also in terms of data protection.

How does buying Viagra via work?

Erectile dysfunction remains a taboo topic, with patients hesitant to see their doctor. It is also not possible to buy Viagra without a prescription since it is only available with a prescription.

Instead of looking for a legal solution, provides patients with an illegal way to order Viagra online.

Patients do notsign up for a Dokteronline account and fill out an online questionnaire about their wellbeing. In most cases, the knowledge provided is not adequate for the doctors to make a diagnosis. Inquiries, for example, may be made over the internet. If there are no medical contraindications to taking Viagra, a prescription will be written and the medication will be shipped to the patient within a few days.

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