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Summary: Order-CS is trustworthy online pharmaceutical vendor selling prescription medicines over-the-counter via pharmacy with customer support center provided.

Order-CS identifies itself as a private online pharmacy or provider of healthcare services and agrees to abide by its general terms and conditions as well as give customers access to online consultations.

Definitive reviews submitted by customers show growing interest in site and its branch. Lots of questions arise for the servise and the way to login on home page and how to check order status. Live chat, e-mail, phone numbers are provided for immediate contact at 24/7.

Order-CS was founded in 2010 but initially served solely for European consumers. By specializing in health problems that patients are reluctant to introduce to a doctor, the company generated such a high demand that the website's service is available in 9 languages nowadays. It is classified by various observers of the telemedicine market as the leading provider on 5 continents. pharmacy example in 2023

What is

The platform combines a customer support center with an online pharmacy, allowing individuals from different nations to simply and promptly obtain over-the-counter treatment from home.

Along with providing medical advice, Order-CS also allows users to get online prescriptions for required medicine, receive customer service from knowledgeable medical experts, and have their medications delivered quickly according to their local mail address.

Nicosia, Cyprus, serves as the company's headquarters. The supplier then serves all nations from there. Because of this, ORDER-CS is referred to be The Digital Pharmaceutical Provider for All Nations.

The goal of the healthcare provider is to deliver straightforward and quick healthcare to as many individuals from many nations as is humanly possible.

Why do people reorder from

Finding reliable pharmacy for ℞ order can provide with the appropriate pharmaceutical products and customer care services at a competitive price and swiftly and effectively complete important first order. If everything goes well, one would probably think about making second order from the same Rx refilling online pharmacy. This may result in a steady flow of follow-up purchases that gratify health strategy in shopping needs and make more discounted Rx reorders for repeat customers. Finding a trustworthy pharmaceutical vendor may help save time, energy, and possibly even money if doscount is offered when so many pharmacies compete for personal attention each day.

Major 11 reasons why people are eager to visit and stay on

  1. Online pharmacy domain (link) got lost or it is not responsive
  2. Refill order (order-cs reorder)
  3. Check order status
  4. Tracking number (#) information
  5. Order-CS Returning customer
  6. Season discount
  7. Global customer right to buy from any country
  8. Purchase without seeing a doctor
  9. Quality trial
  10. Discrete mail package from
  11. Immigration (alien) status in EU, USA, Canada or Australia.

Since it stated immediately in the Terms and Conditions that the translated versions are only favor translations from which no rights can be derived, the original English General Terms and Conditions should be used for a clear description of the legal situation. But this could only be represented by a native English speaking person who has sufficient knowledge of English law. In any case, it means that enables/mediates the consultation of a qualified medical specialist (doctor), who then makes a diagnosis and initiates the therapy of the determined complaint.

The doctors are registered in the EU, they can be visited on the homepage with photo, name and registration number. The mediated treatments may lead to the issuance of a prescription (see Redeem recipe at ORDER-CS), which can then be obtained at sells through the pharmacy website a number of non-prescription health products, the delivery of which is also governed by the general terms and conditions of for the sake of customer with the purchase of products on Order-CS containing the legal validity of the agreed matters.

Customers should read these terms and conditions of Order-CS (terms and conditions of all online providers from which they order) better before purchasing RX, English original accessible via In this way, surprises can be avoided that may not be expected: right of withdrawal and refund, Order-CS refers to the Consumer Contracts Regulations of 2012, Part 2.

Regulation 17 states the following exceptions to the right of withdrawal: for goods manufactured/personalised according to special consumer wishes and for goods that deteriorate or expire rapidly, for sealed goods that have been personalised for health reasons are not suitable for return (in the case of goods ordered via the website) such an exception would be made, which is why cancellation of an order is excluded. Order-CS gives patients the opportunity to cancel the order before the start of shipping.

It is understandable (because no one wants to take or use medical devices that other people already used by their hands), but one of the typical points of conflict in the online mail order of medical devices.

ORDER-CS online health service is rounded off by provision of guidance for Rx treatments, pharmaceutical health products. Easy-to-read and well-explained descriptions (containing infographics) with numerous scientifically reliable evidence are transmitted to all mentioned complaints and to each health product or pharmaceutical agent.

There are references to the package leaflet, 2 long overview pages of reputable information services, the recommendations on asthma bronchial therapy of the Medicines Commission of the authority medical profession and a specialist article from the renowned medical journal in the blindly singled out asthma drug Salbuhexal with the active substance salbutamol. All the guides about treatments and products are same excellent quality.

All patients, even those who have recently been confronted with health problems, who should personally visit doctors to have difficult topics explained in person. Surely we must not turn a blind eye to the fact that not every patient in the various national health systems has access to a doctor who has time to explain, especially in the World health system. If you are a mature patient and are concerned with recommended therapies yourself, you will find good information on Order-CS.

What pharmaceutical products can customers buy online at specializes in a range of diseases starting from bronchial asthma to impotence (erectile dysfunction) then cystitis (cystitis) and contraceptive pill. It is the whole series of typical complaints which some patients use in order to go to their MD too late and whose therapies are prescribed by the doctor only on the basis of a patient's questioning.

Pharmaceuticals: Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil), Lasix (furosemide), Levitra (vardenafil), Tenormin (atenolol) can also cause side effects and should not be taken long-term without blood tests. Where it is only not possible to assess whether the doctors of or a local present doctor in case of doubt it would be better to arrange a medical examination.

Order-CS offers consultation and treatment are subject to the general terms and conditions, which provide for the following: the patient's MD (doctor) is informed in principle of the consultation in order to prepare the clearest diagnosis and the best possible treatment.

Since this is not possible without the consent of the patient, doctor assumes full responsibility for medical care during and after treatment by the private medical service of

The customer guarantees that the online medical questionnaire is completed truthfully and honestly; as soon as a question is not answered truthfully, the agreement loses its validity as a result. The Patient Commitment linked to each page below continues, and anyone who has read the 18 points deposited under runs little risk of causing damage after ordering from

Order-CS Terms and Conditions ensure that medical prescriptions and prescribed medicines are only bottled and issued/sent by pharmacies registered in the UK. The home page already contains comprehensive information on the numerous certifications and monitorings that Order-CS is constantly undergoing.

Order-CS Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate)

Order-cs Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) over-the-counter is used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence, ED). The sexual enhancer is available in different potency strengths. Sildenafil, or Viagra, is a PDE-5 inhibitor. Viagra is also common as a collective term for other drugs in this group of throwers such as tadalafil (Cialis) and vardenafil (Levitra). More and more men are resorting to the sexual enhancer Viagra, which works quickly. The stability of the erected penis can be improved by taking and the male orgasm can be lengthened. Many consumers buy their Viagra via an online pharmacy or a online shop, as they are spared the embarrassing walk to the pharmacy and the potentiator is 1/3 cheaper on the Internet.

Order-CS Levitra (Vardenafil)

Order-cs Levitra (Vardenafil) is well used for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) i.e. impotence are severely impaired in their sexual relationship. Because when it doesn't work out in bed, frustration quickly arises instead of lust. Owing to PDE-5 inhibitors, so sexual enhancers such as LEVITRA, Cialis without prescription, Kamagra and Viagra over-the-counter can in many cases be guaranteed a sex life we can be guaranteed earlier. This can be demonstrated at least in the pairs where the men have taken the PDE-5 inhibitor Levitra with the active substance vardenafil. Kamagra (Sildenafil) Kamagra (Sildenafil) is not prescription-only in EU. However, this does not mean that Kamagra cannot be procured by other means, namely in the so-called online shops or also called online pharmacies. Kamagra belongs to a group of medicines called type 5 inhibitors. In the case of sexual arousal, this ingredient acts in which the relaxation of the blood vessels of the penis is supported. This allows the blood to flow more easily into the penis and Kamagra then helps you to have an erection if you are sexually stimulated.

Getting prescription (℞) at Order-CS: How does the service work?

Right on the home page, the process is shown in the easy-to-understand infographics How we work:

This includes various information on service (high-quality, commitment, first-class, fast and discreet delivery to the house is priority); Original drugs (Order-CS provides comprehensive information + treatments on various ailments); first-class customer service (service team available by phone, email or live chat before, after treatment) and premium shipping (according to terms and conditions through the reputable company UPS, within one business day in neutral (discrete) packages, free + tamper-protected).

The reference to free delivery is superfluous. The price does not correspond to the (legally capped) U.S. and E.U. pharmacy levy price, but the price of the consultation (3.7 GTC: the price of the treatment depends on the prescription issued) and presumably includes a service charge. Of course, no one can work for free, but the transparency of pricing could probably be a little bit more than that)).

The reference to tamper-protected packages cannot be assessed from the outside, but patient reviews tend to praise the packaging.

There is no evidence of the billing of prescriptions with the health insurance company (which is left to the patient in the case of outward online orders). The EU provides information on

Customer Service and Delivery Times of Order-CS in Brief Description

Order-CS supplies brand-name medicines from EU and Asia, according to the home page; all the offered pharmaceutical products are original preparations from recognised by modern science manufacturers. Orders are shipped through UPS Express Shipping; delivery can be guaranteed within one working day (usually, UPS, which is one of the more reliable consignors, not immune from failure).

The handover is done without signature, alternatively the package can also be picked up from UPS access points.

Subsequently, the discrete packaging (externally inconspicuous, unprinted, tamper-proof packaging without company advertising or other references to the content) and the offered payment options are indicated, (ORDER-CS) accepts all common credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB), a payment by instant transfer, the order in cash on delivery, on the invoice and fee upon handover will be paid.

According to the safety notices (website uses the latest industrial-standard data protection security systems, doctors + pharmacies are under the supervision of EU and US regulators) and logos on certifications and regulations to click on can be found below (on useful links to each page): Imprint, Terms & Conditions and Data Protection, a whole page Protect yourself online with the most important advice on computer security – and the link to the About Us page, where it is available for the frequently asked questions, the page How we work (further comprehensive info) and Contact Us continues the list with direct phone number for all countries, email customer service, access to live chat and contact form.

If you want to use service, you should not have any little difficulty on, the traditional experience on Trustpilot reports several times about good professional communication and above all about the super-fast delivery.

Is fake or legitimate? operates (still) from a country that is a member of the EU. Orders on are therefore still subject to the legal requirements in force in the EU area. According to these, acts absolutely legally: since 2010, the Patient Mobility Directive has been in force, under which every EU citizen within the EU can freely choose among licensed doctors (see sources).

Telehealth has been on the rise in the EU for some time! Doctors in the EU are allowed to carry out remote treatments and prescribe prescription drugs within them if they are approved in the country, which can be seen on the home page at

EU and U.S. citizens may also order medicines in mail-order pharmacies of other countries, in the case of under the following conditions:

For the dispatch of pharmaceutical products to end users. The product may be dispatched by the pharmacy of the EU Member State if EU law complies with the mail order rules of the European or American pharmacy law and the EU and US pharmacy complies with these regulations. is registered with the following supervisory authorities in accordance with point 3.3 GTC:

Prescription (℞) rejection at Order-CS: possible reasons

On the About Us page, explains the company's internal ethics: wants to offer safe and convenient ways to buy pharmaceuticals online, but generally recommends patients consult their MD for medical questions. If this is not possible, advice and information via the website, telephone, live chat and e-mail will be offered.

If treatment is ordered through the online consultation service, the state of health is checked by a doctor before the prescription is issued; in addition, an age check (the service can only be used from 18) and a fraud check will be carried out.

In all 3 cases, a prescription may be rejected, but even beyond that, not every patient will get Order-CS every prescription: doctors are subject to strict legal regulations in EU and USA, and even more regulations are made when medicines are submitted online. Prescribing anything is not in the interest of the EU doctor, nor is it in the interests of, the company and the doctor, the safety of patients is always in the interests of their own interests.

In online commerce, even in the event of unjustified complaints, a media scandal broadens quickly, apart from that, no EU doctor will prescribe treatment to a patient that is not for sure is suitable for a patient. If you have reasons to want to perform a particular treatment, you have to be able to present appropriate arguments to the doctor.

If you are well informed and the reasons are valid, EU doctors can often be persuaded to prescribe (or not because they cannot deal with mature patients or simply do not have time for them, but this is not a problem that depends on the nationality of the doctor or the place of prescription).

Customer support contacts:, email:, U.S. phone number: +1-877-888-9761, UK phone number: +44-2036081340.

Public online pharmacies list

List of Public Order-CS Pharmacies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, offers customers a helpful asset - a public directory of additional internet pharmacies for comparison shopping. This allows patients seeking remote medication ordering to explore various platforms and offerings in one place. However, it is crucial that consumers thoroughly investigate any unfamiliar online pharmacies before purchasing, even if listed or recommended. When utilizing an online pharmacy, patients should confirm legitimacy, licensure, security protocols, shipping terms, and medical oversight.

While's pharmacy list enables easy discovery and price comparisons, doing one's due diligence is imperative, as regulations and quality vary between internet drug providers. The directory serves as a useful starting point, but should not replace careful analysis when entrusting an unknown entity with personal health data and purchasing power. The onus falls on patients to research all options extensively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is legitimate? is a legitimate online pharmacy and telehealth platform. They are based in Cyprus and operate within the legal frameworks of the EU. Customers should check and trust credentials and pharmacy licensing.

Can anyone use services? services patients internationally. However, individuals must be over 18 years old to use their online consultation and prescription services. Additional age, health, and geographical restrictions may apply for some medication orders.

How does prescription process work?

Patients fill out an online health questionnaire which physicians review to determine if remote prescribing is appropriate. If so, doctors can write a prescription, which partner pharmacies fill and ship to the customer's chosen address.

What payments does accept? accepts major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, bank transfers, cash on delivery, invoices, and COD payments. Billing and shipping information must match.

How long does delivery take? ships prescriptions internationally via UPS in 1-2 business days on average. Local postal times vary. Shipping is tracked with notification upon delivery.

Can I return medication if unsatisfied?

Due to safety and legal reasons, does not accept returns or refunds on dispensed prescription medications. However, issues with shipping or orders can be reported to their customer support for assistance.

Is my data secure on states they use encryption, data protection, and other security measures to protect patient information. However, ordering medications online always carries privacy risks that should be considered.


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