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Meet Our Matching Challenge

As our fiscal year draws to a close, a CCFC supporter has stepped up with a generous challenge: If we can raise $15,000 in individual contributions by July 1, 2012, she’ll match it! While $30,000 is chump change to mega-corporations like Viacom or Disney that target children, it will make all the difference to CCFC. We can’t afford to miss this opportunity. Help us meet her challenge and raise $15,000 in the next 10 days. Donate now>

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Tell Facebook: Don't Target Kids

Facebook, which has revolutionized marketing and transformed the social life of teens and adults, is looking to target children. It’s a terrible idea. Facebook isn’t safe for kids. From cyber-bullying, to embedded advertising, to Facebook’s poor track record on privacy, there are myriad reasons why allowing Facebook to target children could harm their social, emotional, and cognitive development. So let’s tell Facebook to stay away from kids.
Take action > | Like "No FB for Kids Under 13" on Facebook> | Learn more >

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PBS: Stop Selling Kids on Fast Food

Today, CCFC, Public Citizen, and Corporate Accountability International launched a campaign urging PBS to end a four-year marketing agreement between the popular children’s show Martha Speaks and the fast food chain Chick-fil-A. The promotion includes 15-second ads for Chick-fil-A before and after Martha Speaks TV episodes; advertising on PBS Kids; and in-store giveaways at more than 1600 Chick-fil-A locations. And to make things even worse, PBS is using the “success” of its fast food campaign to attract other sponsors looking to target children; they've even nominated the Chick-fil-A campaign for a kids marketing award! Take action > | Learn more > | Read the press release >

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Tell Legislators: Don't Turn School Buses Into Traveling Billboards

Faced with budget shortfalls, many states are considering overturning long-standing laws that prohibit advertising on school buses, which could transform them into traveling billboards for everything from fast food to violent and sexualized media. While we're enormously concerned about the financial plight of schools, commercializing our children’s education is not the answer. That’s why we’ve created the School Bus Ad Action Center where you can urge your legislators to oppose this commercial escalation. Take action> |  Learn more>

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CCFC to Mike Lupica and Philomel Books: No Sneaky Ads in Children’s Books

CCFC is demanding that children’s publisher Philomel Books and noted sportswriter and children’s author Mike Lupica pledge not to include third party advertising in their books for children. Mr. Lupica’s The Underdogs prominently features the shoe company New Balance, the company’s president, and the New Balance 897 cleat in its story line. The hardcover book was distributed in bookstores with a promotional book mark describing the 897 cleat “as worn by Will Tyler in Mike Lupica’s The Underdogs.” Read more >

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