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Online-Support24 is one of the first and therefore one of the most well-known sites that offered ordering drugs and health products provided by Order-CS reorder pharmacy over the Internet. This was about a decade and a half ago, but in terms of e-health, rather backward. is still a hotline debated topic, which is dominated by numerous myths and fears. Reason for a factual classification of the company and its offer, which you can read below.

What is

Important question because this is where the first misunderstandings appear at this review website. is a pharmacy and an online doctor, but also a new form of enterprise with legal status in need of explanation with the development of the Internet.

Many online guides do not pay attention to information about the legal form of a company as their task even if they report directly to the company and this legal form has an influence on the content of the guide. The website's pages successively show online pharmacy and health platform, which creates quite good impression for customers.

Online-Support24's services were limited to providing information around health and discomfort, treatment options and products related to all of these issues.

Health product offers at

458 health products are offered at They are described in this way: short, concise and factual to every listed point in the navigation menu and there is any potentially available drug. In addition to product information and leaflets, there may also be special medicines, which may extend beyond the product, here are three examples:

In the case of the sexual enhancer Cialis, it is informed that the active ingredient tadalafil now also has an medical approval for the treatment of benign prostate enlargement (it is explained in more detail that tadalafil should alleviate the typical discomfort when urinating).

17 sub-points provide guide containing drug information for antiadiposium Xenical. These short articles inform compact and precise about the active ingredient orlistat, which is only used in case of high obesity (obesity, obesity), is not always helpful and problematic for the intestinal flora and also more generally about the treatment and risks of obesity.

A general overview including drug treatment options is first provided under the heading COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Then some drugs used for the therapy of COPD are listed; This includes the pharmacy guide for Mucodyne with Carbocystein, which, according to recent research (source:, can positively influence COPD.

This information is sufficient for well-informed patients who read leaflets and guide themselves (before ordering) about the medicines to be taken until they feel they can adequately assess the possible side effects. These patients do not care if they obtain the necessary information via the Internet, their own family doctor or an online doctor.

If you haven't heard of the admission expansion at Tadalafil, take this as an opportunity to learn more about their urologists (or medical information pages on the internet, or a doctor mediated via To be able to save a drug.

They have also known for a long time that Xenical is contraindicated with insufficient food absorption and is generally not likely to be conducive to a healthy intestinal flora. They have an overview of COPD's multifaceted therapy, but are presumably quite excited about getting to know the minimally invasive carbocysteine.

Customers certainly do not always submit the information provided without prior knowledge, but further information is possible at any time with their own family doctor or the doctor mediated via Online-Support24.


Online-Support24 will pass its customers on medical specialists and pharmacies with quality marks, on request, and information can be found in the section About Us. explains its vision shortened here: finds that you should decide for yourself what treatment you want. This is why the operators offer a secure platform with an informative website and online health service, through which a doctor's consultation can be initiated if necessary. puts you in touch with doctors and pharmacies approved in the world. In the case of prescription drugs, the doctor decides only after online consultation whether the medicine is suitable. Free or prescribed orders are processed by one of the pharmacies and delivered to the customer's home as soon as possible. For example, wants to appeal to patients who prefer not to discuss certain symptoms with their MD.

Customers who want to receive certain medications in a discreet way. If they do not have time to shop at the pharmacy or visit the family doctor. The greatest possible safety in the delivery of medication even if the drugs should be delivered to the house for therapeutic reasons.

In summary, relies on the modern, consenting patient, who wants to play a decisive role in determining his own fate even in the event of damage, restrictions and illnesses. The extent to which patients are actually already mature or rely on (a single) information from a doctor and to what extent the whole telemedicine is appropriate and useful is a debated topic across the entire breadth of society.

But patients with an interest in their treatment are on the rise, according to media and experience reports, and according to experts, unstoppable, as is the entire telemedicine in its multiple forms, from e-mail demand to e-mail PC-assisted operation.

What medicines can customers buy online at

Pharmaceutical providers are listed and get explained several times and already on the About Us page: Online-Support24 has current access to 11 approved doctors and 8 pharmacies approved in the world, which exclusively have original medicines (renowned manufacturers) for delivery.

Briefly sketched it looks like this: A customer chooses a non-prescription drug on, the order is passed on to one of the pharmacies working with Online-Support24, which supplies the customer. If a customers choose a prescription drug, they are referred to a physician working with Online-Support24, who conducts the consultation described in the Terms and Conditions, MD possibly issues a prescription that is sold at pharmacy which then supplies the customer.

Health product offers from at a glance

Online doctors are not comparable to regular MDs (doctors) because they only check whether the patient tolerates the desired drug and whether it fits the information provided by the patient. Advice on diseases would not take place beyond this. In fact, according to terms and conditions, (as is likely to be many similar providers) sees the consultation as the basic mediated medical service to make decision whether a prescription can be issued in the given case. forwards customer requests to a physician. It does not influence the course of online clinical sultation. However even obliges the patient/customer to consult their own physician or other qualified service providers on the proposed procedure in case of health advice, or to consult a second method or to seek third opinion on the adequacy and suitability of the pharmaceutical treatment. Furthermore, there is a warning: Customer/patients must be aware that the activity of the mediated physician is subject to certain restrictions, since in the case of remote treatment, no physical examination and personal advice can be carried out on site.

The terms and conditions of Online-Support24

Online-Support24's terms and conditions are critical to the entire contractual relationship, and it also defines all the details of the relationship between Customer Patient, Doctor, Online Pharmacy and Online-Support24.

We could now write off these terms and conditions of Online-Support24, but this would only be a snapshot that would be out of date on the next change in the terms and conditions. That is why it is also the journalistic duty of care for us to refer to the original document in this regard. These rules are similar in style to the range of information on offer.

The sub-points are clear and short:

It contains these rules within these headings and, in accordance with the respective topic, all warnings that are required or appropriate to avoid the self-harm of customer/patients.

Our Tip!

The online clinics offer patients a safe and discreet alternative to order their treatment with online prescription. Suffice it to answer some of the questions of the online questionnaire, which is examined by MD. After determining the suitability for the drug, the online prescription is issued and the drug is shipped to your desired address.

Getting a prescription at Online-Support24: How does the service work?

How Online-Support24's service works is described in details, in individual points and also with a vivid graphic to illustrate the entire process.

References to RX billing with the health insurance company (which is left to the patient when ordering on can be found there and it explains exactly how you apply to your insurance provider for a refund.

The doctor receives the normal national remuneration for the consultation. In the price of the medicine, different countries could have advantages over the pricing in U.K. under the Pharmaceuticals Price Regulation. If it outweighs MD-online service charge - it must be calculated individually.

Review of customer service and delivery times

On each page of the website, the links around customer service can be found below. Contact, orders, payments, shipping and delivery, exchange and return, FAQ of the ordering process is explained down to the last detail and with all the possibilities offered.

The possibilities offered to the customer of payments are numerous, the delivery usually seems to be rather astonishingly fast than too slow (fast delivery is conspicuously often praised in the mostly positive experience reports).

In the few negative experience reports (percentages at the same level below), on the other hand, it is often a question of difficulties with delivery. This is not about the performance of, nor about a performance component that can affect

In terms of the delivery speed, can do a lot: Act quickly itself, urge rapid processing at intermediary doctors and pharmacies, develop and deploy good organizational structures. If there are difficulties along the way of delivery, can only engage as a service partner of the customer, because the shipping company (chosen by the respective pharmacy) is the partner in the overall constructure on which is the least influence.

Online-Support24 can demonstrate a corresponding commitment when customer service is called. Shipping difficulties are also not uncommon today among large companies such as DPD, Europe's second largest parcel service network. However, this is due to the social overpayment of employees and not to Online-Support24.

Is Online-Support24 legit?

Yes, it is legit, in accordance with the legal rules in force for EU and the rest of the world, also for prescription drugs, if the provisions of the country in which the doctor mediated by doctoral online is in practice under the Patient Mobility Directive, a patient has been free to choose their treatment within the EU under licensed doctors since 2011.

Online-Support24 can prove the permissions for healthcare experts, if desired the respective doctor will certainly provide medical insight. In May 2018, doctors are allowed remote treatment via digital media and the allowance also issued for state medical boards and transferred to the professional regulations of the individual countries.


The request that prescriptions should also be issued in such online consultations should sent to the Board of Management for further advice. The corresponding ban will probably not be held forever because of the associated disadvantage of EU medical advisors.

The relevant list of the Federal Health Office can be found here. In the case of normal prescription drug, it is not punishable for patients to purchase and possess even if shipping is not legal. Only illegal importation, for example via pharmacies not on the safe country exception list, could be an administrative offence.

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