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Summary: User reviews praise RxASAP time-saving convenience, medication reminders, tracking, and accessible drug guides from site. Simply download the free app and create an account to begin managing your medications with just a few taps.

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Overview of RxASAP and Its Benefits

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Convenience of Managing Prescriptions on Your Phone

With RxASAP, you can handle all your pharmacy needs right from your smartphone or tablet. No more waiting on hold or driving to the pharmacy. Simply use the app to order refills, check order status, track deliveries, and more. Managing your medications has never been more convenient.

Save Time and Money with Automatic Refills

One great feature of RxASAP is the ability to schedule automatic refills for your recurring prescriptions. No more last minute scrambles when you run low on a medication. The app handles your refills for you and provides notifications when shipments are processed. This saves you time and gives peace of mind.

Never Forget Doses with Medication Reminders

RxASAP helps you remember every dose by allowing you to set custom reminders based on your dosing schedule. Get alerts when it's time to take your next dose so you never miss one accidentally. This can improve adherence and treatment outcomes.

Review Drug Information to Make Informed Choices

The app includes detailed profiles on thousands of brand name and generic medications. You can look up dosing, side effects, interactions and more. Having access to this information helps you make the best medication decisions for your health.

Complete Security for Your Data

Your privacy is protected with RxASAP. Your personal information and prescription data are kept safe through encryption and other security measures. You never have to worry about your sensitive information being at risk.

Track Packages Every Step of the Delivery

Once you place a medication order, you're able to closely track its shipping status through the RxASAP app. See where your package is in real-time as it makes its way to your doorstep. No more wondering when your medications will arrive!

24/7 Customer Support If You Need Help

Questions about your medication or how to use the app? RxASAP has a customer support team available 24/7 to quickly address any concerns you may have. Help is always just a phone call or message away.

Navigating the User-Friendly App Interface

Navigating to Download RxASAP App

Create an Account in Just Minutes

Getting started with RxASAP only takes a few minutes. You simply download the app, enter your name, email address, and create a password. That's all you need to register for an account and start using the pharmacy services.

Easily Search for Your Medications

Once your account is set up, you can search for any medication by name to see pricing info, submit refill requests, set reminders, and more. RxASAP makes it simple to manage everything in one place.

Manage and Schedule Automatic Refills

Don't want to request a refill every month? With RxASAP you can enable automatic refills for any of your recurring prescriptions. This way, your next shipment is processed automatically when you start to run low.

Set Up Medication Reminders and Alerts

To help you remember each dose, use RxASAP's reminder feature to set custom alerts based on your dosing schedule. Designate the time, dose, and frequency to receive automatic notifications about each medication.

Access Drug Profiles and Usage Guidelines

Unsure about how to take a medication you're on? The app has detailed drug profiles with usage instructions, dosage info, side effects, interactions, and more. This allows you to educate yourself on proper administration.

Check Order Status and Track Deliveries

Wondering when your refill will arrive? After placing an order, you can check its status any time through the RxASAP app. See current shipping details and estimated delivery date so you know exactly when to expect your medications.

Real Customer Testimonials on Ease of Use

App Provides Convenience and Saves Time

I used to spend so much time calling my pharmacy for refills every month. With RxASAP, I can request refills and manage all my meds from my phone which is so convenient. I'm saving so much time!
Denise F., New York

Reminders Help Users Always Take Meds

I kept forgetting when to take my blood pressure medication. The reminders I set in RxASAP give me alerts on the dose schedule I need. Now I never miss a dose since the app helps me remember."
Sam K., Chicago

Drug Information Assists Treatment Decisions

I learned so much helpful information about my medications by looking them up in the RxASAP app. Having those drug profiles easily accessible helps me feel confident I'm making good choices for my health.
Leigh B., Houston

Tracking Feature Gives Peace of Mind on Delivery

What I like most about RxASAP is being able to track my prescription shipments. It's so easy to check exactly where my package is and when it will be delivered using the app's tracking tool.
Carlos G., Phoenix

How to Download and Start Using RxASAP

Download the App for Free on Your Device

First, visit to download the free RxASAP app onto your smartphone or tablet device. Versions are available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Register a New Account with Your Information

Once you have the app installed, open it and enter your name, email address, and new password to set up your account. No lengthy forms required!

Begin Ordering and Managing Your Medications

With your account created, you can now easily manage your prescriptions. Search for medications, set reminders, request refills, track orders, and access drug information.


In summary, the innovative RxASAP app makes it easier than ever to manage your medications in one convenient place. Key features like automatic refills, medication reminders, prescription tracking, and drug information profiles simplify and improve prescription management. Numerous satisfied patients praise the app for its time-saving convenience. Getting started only takes minutes - simply download RxASAP and register for your account. If you're looking for an all-in-one pharmacy solution, the RxASAP app is a smart choice to streamline your medication routine.


Is there a cost to download and use the RxASAP app?

No, the RxASAP app is free to download and use. You only pay for the prescription medication refills you order.

What devices can I use RxASAP on?

RxASAP is available as a mobile app for both Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets. You can download it from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

How does the medication reminder system work?

You can set customized reminders for each medication specifying the dose, time, and frequency. RxASAP will send you push notifications at those intervals so you don't forget a dose.

Can I request a prescription refill even if I don't have refills left?

Yes, if your prescription refills have run out, you can still use RxASAP to request a new prescription from your doctor which will allow additional refills.

What if I have issues with the app or need assistance?

RxASAP has 24/7 customer support available to help troubleshoot any issues. You can contact them by phone, email, or in-app messaging.


  1. Benefits of managing prescriptions through a mobile app:
  2. Improved adherence with automatic refills:
  3. Improved adherence with reminder alerts:
  4. Benefits of patients accessing drug information:
  5. Survey showing patients appreciate features like reminders and tracking:

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