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Summary: RxASAP is a medication management application praised by users for its time-saving features, medication reminders, medication tracking capabilities, and readily available drug guides sourced from order-cs.com. The application can be downloaded for free and requires only a user account creation to manage medications through an interface.

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Overview of RxASAP Application

Official Website for RxASAP download

Managing Prescriptions on Your Phone

The RxASAP application facilitates comprehensive pharmacy management through a mobile interface. Users can order medication refills, monitor order status, track deliveries, and access additional functionalities directly from their smartphones or tablets, eliminating the need for traditional pharmacy interactions such as phone calls or in-person visits. This streamlines the medication management process and enhances user convenience.

Automatic Refills

RxASAP incorporates an automated prescription refill functionality to enhance medication adherence and user convenience. This feature empowers users to schedule recurring deliveries for their medications, eliminating the need for manual refills and the potential for medication stockouts. The application proactively manages medication renewals by sending shipment notifications, ensuring timely access to necessary medications and streamlining the overall medication management process. This not only reduces the risk of medication interruptions but also alleviates the burden of managing refills, contributing to improved health outcomes and peace of mind for users.

Doses with Medication Reminders

RxASAP facilitates medication adherence by enabling users to set personalized medication reminders aligned with their designated dosing schedules. The application transmits alerts at pre-determined intervals, prompting users to take their medications as prescribed. This functionality aims to minimize the risk of missed doses and potentially enhance treatment efficacy.

Drug Information Overview

The RxASAP application incorporates comprehensive drug information for numerous brand-name and generic medications. Users can actively search for specific medications and access detailed profiles encompassing dosage instructions, potential side effects, drug interaction warnings, and other relevant information. This readily available knowledge empowers users to make informed decisions regarding their medication use.

Data Security

RxASAP prioritizes user privacy by implementing robust security measures, including encryption, to safeguard personal information and prescription data. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive user information, mitigating potential security risks.

Tracking Packages of the Delivery

RxASAP offers real-time shipment tracking for placed medication orders directly within the application. This functionality allows users to monitor the location and progress of their deliveries, eliminating the uncertainty associated with traditional delivery processes.

Customer Support

RxASAP offers 24/7 customer support via phone call or message to address user inquiries regarding medication or app functionality. This ensures users have prompt access to assistance whenever needed.

Navigating the App Interface

Navigating to Download RxASAP App

Create an Account

The RxASAP application facilitates a streamlined registration process for new users. Individuals can acquire the application and initiate service by downloading it, providing their name and email address, and establishing a password. This swift and user-friendly registration process allows individuals to promptly access RxASAP's pharmacy services.

Search for Medications

RxASAP streamlines medication management by offering a centralized platform for various functionalities. Users can readily search for medications by name, access pricing information, submit refill requests, establish personalized medication reminders, and perform other actions, all within a unified application environment. This comprehensive approach simplifies the medication management process.

Manage and Schedule Automatic Refills

RxASAP incorporates an automated prescription refill functionality to streamline medication adherence. Users can opt-in to this feature for their recurring medications, ensuring automatic shipment processing upon reaching a predetermined low threshold, eliminating the need for manual refills and minimizing the risk of medication stockouts. This functionality promotes medication adherence and alleviates the burden of managing refills.

Medication Reminders and Alerts

RxASAP's reminder functionality empowers users to personalize medication adherence prompts. Users can establish customized alerts tailored to their specific dosing schedules by designating the desired time, dosage, and frequency for each medication. This proactive approach aims to minimize missed doses and potentially enhance treatment efficacy.

Drug Profiles and Usage Guidelines

RxASAP integrates comprehensive drug information within the application. Users can actively search for specific medications and access detailed profiles encompassing:

This readily available knowledge empowers users to make informed decisions regarding their medication use and educate themselves on proper administration.

Real Customer Testimonials

I used to spend so much time calling my pharmacy for refills every month. With RxASAP, I can request refills and manage all my meds from my phone which is so convenient. I'm saving so much time!
Denise F., New York

I kept forgetting when to take my blood pressure medication. The reminders I set in RxASAP give me alerts on the dose schedule I need. Now I never miss a dose since the app helps me remember."
Sam K., Chicago

I learned so much helpful information about my medications by looking them up in the RxASAP app. Having those drug profiles easily accessible helps me feel confident I'm making good choices for my health.
Leigh B., Houston

What I like most about RxASAP is being able to track my prescription shipments. It's so easy to check exactly where my package is and when it will be delivered using the app's tracking tool.
Carlos G., Phoenix

How to Download and Start Using RxASAP

Download the App for Free on Your Device

First, visit rxasap.com to download the free RxASAP app onto your smartphone or tablet device. Versions are available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Register a New Account with Your Information

RxASAP facilitates a streamlined user onboarding process. Individuals can download the application and establish an account by simply entering their name, email address, and creating a password. This eliminates the need for lengthy forms, expediting access to RxASAP's functionalities.

Begin Ordering and Managing Medications

Upon successful account creation, RxASAP offers a centralized platform for comprehensive medication management. Users can readily search for medications, establish personalized medication reminders, submit refill requests, track the status of their orders, and access detailed drug information, all within a unified application environment. This streamlined approach empowers users to effectively manage their medications.


The RxASAP application streamlines medication management through a centralized platform offering various functionalities. These functionalities include:

  1. Automatic refills: Users can automate recurring medication reorders, eliminating the need for manual requests and minimizing the risk of stockouts.
  2. Medication reminders: Customizable alerts prompt users to adhere to their designated dosing schedules, potentially improving treatment efficacy.
  3. Prescription tracking: Real-time shipment tracking eliminates uncertainty about delivery timelines.
  4. Drug information profiles: Comprehensive information on medications empowers users to make informed decisions regarding their use.
  5. The user-friendly registration process and streamlined features have garnered positive user feedback regarding the app's time-saving convenience. This positions RxASAP as a viable solution for individuals seeking to simplify their medication management routines.


Is there a cost to download and use the RxASAP app?

No, the RxASAP app is free to download and use. You only pay for the prescription medication refills you order.

What devices can I use RxASAP on?

RxASAP is available as a mobile app for both Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets. You can download it from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

How does the medication reminder system work?

You can set customized reminders for each medication specifying the dose, time, and frequency. RxASAP will send you push notifications at those intervals so you don't forget a dose.

Can I request a prescription refill even if I don't have refills left?

Yes, if your prescription refills have run out, you can still use RxASAP to request a new prescription from your doctor which will allow additional refills.

What if I have issues with the app or need assistance?

RxASAP has 24/7 customer support available to help troubleshoot any issues. You can contact them by phone, email, or in-app messaging.


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