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Summary: is a certified online medical practice and Rx Reorder support company.

If you consistently use medication, a repeat prescription is typically required.

This implies that you can purchase your medication whenever you need it, deferring a visit to the doctor until your subsequent medication review to secure your valuable health. received goods in 2023

There are several online healthcare providers available nowadays. Each platform provides a variety of treatments and pharmaceuticals prescribed by physicians with a wide range of specializations, guarantees variable delivery timeframes, and accepts a number of different forms of payment. We will go into more depth about one of these sites,, later on.

What treatments are available?

The site offers treatments in the following areas:

There are 279 medications available to the physician, which are prescribed as necessary. 89 different ailments may be treated, according to

How does work?

The process of placing an order at will then be more thoroughly explained.

Search for drug you want to use

The consumer gets the chance to obtain thorough and correct information about the chosen drug before consulting with one of the doctors with whom works.

There is enough information supplied for each medicine regarding the dose, the field of use, the diseases for which it is appropriate, and the disease histories for which it is used. The patient can thus determine in advance if the chosen medication matches his symptomatology and current complaints.

The dosage of the desired drug may also be freely chosen by the patient. You can move on to the following step by selecting the Order button.

Fill out the medical questionnaire

A medical or physician's questionnaire must be completed by the patient after choosing the desired drug. This resembles the questionnaires that may be found in any inpatient physician's clinic.

Generally speaking, any information that the doctor would require should be included in the questionnaire.

This comprises details about the person (such as age and gender), their medical history (such as pre-existing diseases, drugs used and how frequently, allergies, etc.), and their present symptoms.

To be safe, the online pharmacy makes it clear that the current medical state is necessary for a treatment or consultation to be effective.

The questionnaire is then examined by a competent physician. If the prescribing doctor approves, he or she will issue a online prescription that will be sent by to one of its partner pharmacies. In many EU and USA nations, collaborates with a number of pharmacies. Every pharmacy adheres to and is licensed in accordance with EU and USA criteria.

He can give the patient alternative drug if he objects to the proposed course of therapy.

Delivery within the next 72 hours directly to your home

The affiliated pharmacy fully handles the delivery. Express delivery is available from during the next 72 hours to the selected shipment destination.

The buyer is not charged extra for express shipment. Please see the section below under Payment options and shipping for further details on shipment.

Reordering (if required)

It's also quite easy to place a pharmaceutical order again. The consumer only needs to sign into his current account and choose the Reorder item.

Only if information from the prior questionnaire describing the symptomatology or overall state has changed is it required to complete the questionnaire in the case of a repeat order. For instance, further illnesses, potential medication side effects, changes in weight and/or blood pressure, and so on, are included in this.

Before a new order of the drug may be placed, a medical expert must reevaluate the medication appropriateness if there have been any changes.

How to contact has a customer service department that is at your unlimited disposal from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 9 pm.

The customer service team can be contacted either by e-mail (, by live chat (the icon is displayed at the bottom left of the screen during each visit to the website) or by phone (+1 866 417 58 21).

The customer support team at speaks several languages because the business has a worldwide focus. English, Spanish, Danish, French, Swedish, Polish, Dutch, and Portuguese are among them, in addition to German.

Payment methods and shipping

The price listed on the product pages of the pharmaceuticals serves as both the starting point and the ultimate cost to the consumer. The rates shown there include the cost of the medicine, the cost of issuing the prescription, as well as the cost of express shipment.

Currently offers the following payment options:

Express shipping is used to transport goods to the final recipient, as was already indicated. You may anticipate the delivery to arrive in 3 days (72 hours).

DHL arranges for a reputable courier service in the destination country (such as UPS, DPD, etc.) so that customers may track their orders at any time for orders dispatched by one of the partner pharmacies.

Customers who live in the EU or USA and are close to the pharmacy there can choose to pick up their prescription there as well.

Data protection in

Data privacy is a crucial consideration while selecting the best online pharmacy.

Without giving personal information, internet pharmacies are unable to conduct doctor consultations, issue prescriptions, or ship medications. In other words, personal information must be provided in order to purchase meds online.

Another top goal for is data privacy. The supplier guarantees that all personal data will be stored securely. deletes the data on its own if it determines that they are no longer required after 11 years.

Without your specific permission, won't divulge any of your information to third parties, including for marketing reasons.

How trustworthy is

The online pharmacy and clinic known as has a stellar reputation. Regarding recommendations and drug quality, the provider upholds the highest standards.

The prescription drugs sold on are either obtained directly from a reputable international distributor that the pharmacies work with or from the drug's manufacturer.

Well-known producers of the medications that sells include, for instance:

The safety of clients and patients is also of the utmost importance. The doctors that provide treatments on are internationally renowned medical specialists who hold advanced degrees in their specialties.

To choose the best course of action for each patient, they carefully evaluate the data that patients submitted in the questionnaires.

More Alternatives to is not the only online pharmacy, online clinic, or online healthcare service available today.

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