Ratings: Is ACS-pharmacy legal and reputable?

Last Updated: reveals for certain illnesses or health problems, going to MD can be perceived as very unpleasant. This applies, for example, to erectile dysfunction and venereal disorders.

If known medicines for erectile dysfunction, such as Viagra or Cialis, are also subject to prescription, many sufferers have to overcome high barriers. Especially in these cases, the offer of an online doctor's office with an attached mail order pharmacy is an attractive alternative. ACS-pharmacy is one of the largest providers in this field. reviews for 2021

Is the business model of legal?

ACS-pharmacy was founded in Cyprus in 2010. It is still home there, but offers its services throughout the EU, USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Avis, for example, Italian recenze patients can also seek medical advice via's website and apply for pharmaceutical agents, including prescription (RX) sexual enhancers. This offer is completely legal and no scam included runs as follows:

Affected patients fill out an online questionnaire and the information is checked by a doctor, same procedure in order-cs pharmacy. If you have any questions or erfahrungen, the doctor will consult by e-mail or telephone. For many typical and unambiguous problems, this is usually not necessary – the doctor issues an online prescription directly. The prescription will be forwarded to the connected or cooperating mail order pharmacy in the further ordering process and redeemed.

For the man affected by erectile disorders, this means: After selecting and applying for the potency enhancers, no further steps are incurred - the drug will be sent home via mail after a medical exam.

The MDs (medical advisores) at ACS-pharmacy are licensed physicians with appropriate expertise. Health problems such as erectile dysfunction can also be assessed remotely – important: with virtually all healthcare providers, someone's own blood pressure must be indicated, this can be done in the local drugstore around the corner.

Don't wish to talk about erectile dysfunction? An online pharmacy can also be an alternative to a classic doctor's visit – licensed facilities with health experts such as acs24-7 or and similar providers (online pharmacies in comparison) are important opiniones. Here you are prescribed prescriptions after the online treatment of doctors and your medical treatment usually arrives to you the next day by express shipment.

Do I receive an original product when ordering from

If a prescription is submitted to the mail order pharmacy of or ACS-pharmacy, an original preparation will also be sent to the patient. Those medicines may be prescribed and sent by pharmacies that also have appropriate authorisation. Thus, if a PDE-5 inhibitor such as Viagra is prescribed, the patient receives the appropriate dose Viagra(sildenafil citrate) from Pfizer – alternatively, a generic can be requested, which is equivalent (active pharmaceutical ingredient: sildenafil) and significantly cheaper compared to the original.

The mail order pharmacy affiliated with ACS pharmacy is approved (safety logo is available) and licensed accordingly.

Although state pharmacies and some doctors are critical of the existence of mail-order pharmacies, the dispatch of approved medicines is completely legal and reputable practice in compliance with the guidelines. With the development of telemedicine, more and more providers are pushing into the healthcare market – also in USA, where is active.

The shipment of prescription drugs is only legal because has a license (safety logo) and the drugs offered are also approved in EU. Caution should be exercised in the case of medicines not authorised in the EU. Orders from suppliers established abroad EU coases fines, fraud and interception of the ordered goods from customs are the usual consequences.

High 5-star customer satisfaction

The users of euroClinix are very satisfied with the services offered, the quick and easy handling and the serious advice according to Trustpilot. The provider also scores points in terms of data protection and data security. Every online treatment and drug order is encrypted, discreet and – by example.B the packaging of the postal packages – treated anonymously. According to the provider, only required data is stored and securely encrypted.

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