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Summary: is reliable customer care service and OTC online pharmacy offering pharmaceutical product refills and is backed by an expert medical team. website review

There are several online healthcare providers available nowadays. Each platform provides a variety of treatments and pharmaceuticals prescribed by physicians with a wide range of specializations, guarantees variable delivery timeframes, and accepts a number of different forms of payment. We will go into more depth about one of these websites,, later on.

What is

Ireland-based offers healthcare services online. Both online prescriptions for drugs and medical advice are provided by the online pharmacy. Additionally, Support-Rx handles the shipment of the purchased meds.

The supplier wants to provide thousands of people quick access to medical advice, doing away with lengthy lines at doctors' offices and the requirement to pick up prescriptions from local pharmacies.

The services of are available for several European nations. Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, and USA are among them.

Patients can get some drugs supplied on a regular basis through subscription plans offered by Support-Rx. However, a medicine distribution that only occurs once is also an option. In reality, though, one just does a search for the relevant drug on the internet and begins placing orders.

What exactly does offer?

The following conditions are treated via the website:

There are 289 medications available to the physician, which are prescribed as necessary. 79 different ailments may be treated, according to

The primary goal of Support-Rx is to defend the interests of patients while offering comprehensive treatment. Medication costs and any required online treatments are always the responsibility of the patient. Private insurance holders can be eligible for reimbursement.

How does Support-Rx operate?

The process of placing an order at will then be more thoroughly explained.

Step 1: Look for the desired pharmaceuticals.

The consumer gets the chance to obtain thorough and correct information about the chosen drug prior to meeting with one of the doctors with whom works.

The dose, the field of use, the diseases for which the medicine is appropriate, and the disease histories for which the drug is used are all adequately covered for each drug. By doing this, the patient may determine beforehand whether the desired medication matches his symptomatology and current complaints.

The dosage of the desired drug may also be freely chosen by the patient. You can move on to the following step by selecting the Order button.

Step 2: Filling in the medical questionnaire.

A so-called medical or physician's questionnaire must be completed by the patient after choosing the desired drug. This resembles the questionnaires that may be found in any inpatient physician's clinic.

Generally speaking, the questionnaire need to contain all the data the doctor would want.

This contains information about the person (e.g. age, gender), medical history (e.g. pre-existing diseases, if so what drugs are taken and are they taken consistently, allergies, etc.) and present symptoms. It is the same procedure described in review section.

To be on the safe side once again, the online pharmacy specifically states out that the current medical status must be presented in order for a treatment / consultation to be effective.

The questionnaire is then reviewed by one of the qualified doctors. A virtual prescription, which is sent by Support-Rx directly to a partner pharmacy, is issued by the attending physician if he or she approves of the proposed course of treatment and the desired medication. Support-Rx collaborates with a number of reputable pharmacies across the EU and USA. Each pharmacy works according to EU ans U.S. standards and is certified.

He may recommend another medication for the patient if he objects to the proposed course of treatment.

Step 3: Delivery within the next 72 hours or two weeks directly to your home.

The delivery is fully taken care of by the partner pharmacy. offers delivery with express shipping within the next 72 hours or two weeks (regular mail-order) directly to the target shipping address.

How can I get in touch with

From Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, you have unrestricted access to the customer care department at Support-Rx.

The customer support staff may be reached by phone (+44 20 3286 3820), live chat (the symbol is shown at the bottom left of the screen during each visit to the website), or email (

Because of its global focus, employs multilingual customer support representatives. They include German, Spanish, Danish, French, Swedish, Polish, Dutch, and Portuguese in addition to English.

Payment and shipping

The price listed on the product pages of the pharmaceuticals serves as both the starting point and the ultimate cost to the consumer. The rates shown there include the cost of the medicine, the cost of issuing the prescription, as well as the cost of express shipment.

The following payment methods are available on right now:

Express shipping is used to transport goods to the final recipient, as was already indicated. Within two days, the delivery may be anticipated to arrive (72 hours) or two weeks for regular mail.

Delivery Master also arranges for a reputable courier service in the destination country (such as UPS, DHL, DPD, etc.) so that customers may monitor their orders at any time for orders dispatched by one of the partner pharmacies.

Advantages and Disadvantages. What is praised, what is criticized?

Positive customer reviews for specifically highlight quick delivery, a decent price-performance ratio, pricing transparency, and the ability to speak with doctors immediately. Positive comments are also made about how simple the therapy is to administer.

For the customer service, which appears to be subpar or perhaps nonexistent based on evaluations, minus points are given.

The delivery is frequently criticized for being late or for not being delivered correctly by the courier. This may decrease the efficacy of medications, particularly those that must be refrigerated.

The fact that therapy is frequently rejected is another downside. Unfortunately, these individuals frequently have pre-existing diseases or are minors.

As a one-time order must be cancelled right away, the subscription model has also lately come under fire. After the provider changed, there are also virtually any payment choices. Without a credit card, an order cannot be placed. This explains why a credit card can always be used to automatically deduct the amount from an order; consequently, only orders placed as subscriptions are still feasible.

Is Fraud?

No. It is NOT. Online pharmacy is reputable and well respected. Regarding recommendations and drug quality, the provider upholds the highest standards.

The prescription drugs sold on are either obtained directly from a reputable international distributor that the pharmacies work with or from the drug's manufacturer.

Many well-known manufacturers whose medications are available at include:

Additionally, the primary concern is the safety of the clients or patients. Doctors that provide treatments on Support-Rx are highly skilled experts in their specialties and renowned medical practitioners on a global scale.

To choose the best course of action for each patient like it is done at acs 24-7 online pharmacy, they carefully evaluate the data that patients submitted in the questionnaires.

Alternatives to

There are many more online pharmacies, clinics, and healthcare providers available today besides

Online prescriptions and consultations are becoming increasingly more in demand. Following, we'll introduce you to and, two additional players in the same market niche that have gained prominence to other online health providers.


This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Always consult with a licensed healthcare professional before making any decisions regarding your health and medications.

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